Michigan reveals 2018-19 roster with updated heights and weights

The real issue for Michigan is whether it can get “senior leadership” out of Matthews. I’m very hopeful that it will.

I like to see Poole at 6’5", that’s good height at the 2.

For comparison regarding whether Livers and Johns could play at center, Roby at Nebraska is listed at 6’8" 226 lbs – basically the same as Johns.

I am honestly surprised Teske is only 260, he looked absolutely massive in some pictures this off season. His calf’s are humongous.

Can Beilein even dunk!?!?

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Pushed around, outsmarted, outshot, outcoached, and outclassed. This is the best timeline!


I wish Zack and Stu could come back for sixth years.

Its long been established from the scientific analysis of the light pole picture on campus that JB is 7’-10"… One of my favorite’s!

Go Blue!

Seriously, I am so pumped for this team! To me, Charles is already a leader, I loved playing with guys on my team who had an edge, they’ve got your back. I’ve said it in prior posts, that day at Breslin will always stick out when he went right at Ward! That’s leading by doing in a subtle way! Second favorite leadership moment…Z Novak…bleeding in the post game interview! Priceless!


Ah, the fun of over-analyzing heights and weights when we all know that most of them are probably false anyway. To me you really have to squint to learn anything from this. For example - we know Simpson isn’t 6’0" so they are probably fudging some heights as is the common practice for all teams/sports. But if that’s the case and they STILL list Castleton only at 210…wow. He might be 170 pounds!

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Matthews and Wagner punked Ward so hard last year.

I was surprised how strong Teske’s lower body was last year and it is only going to get stronger. I just rewatched the UM/MSU games and man, Nick Ward does not look like he is having fun trying to push Teske around.

Wagner was the same size when he arrived on Campus. He put on those extra 15lbs in two months.

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Teske is HUGE and already strong. With this added summer, and a hopeful development of a mid-range jumper, combined with his already strong defensive ability, I like Teske’s chances against Ward.