Michigan ranked 21st in initial NET rankings

Michigan is the highest ranked 3 loss team. No surprise given the schedule.

Quinn typed up the Big Ten teams:

Liberty has played what team with a pulse this year? Ah, none. That’s right.

Duquesne’s big win over Indiana State is probably the most impressive three point win all year!

Not really worth worrying about that kind of thing at this point. There are no preseason priors so it takes a while for some teams to work their way out. Same thing happened last year.

The NET is bad because it lacks any transparency and because the quadrant system is silly, not because of where Liberty is ranked in December.


I’m just poking fun because the rankings are a joke.

They lack transparency and I’m not sure they measure exactly what I think a resume metric should measure but they are generally pretty decent as far as the results.


Sucks that UNC/Iowa State are Q2 and Creighton is Q3. The former not even being particularly close to Q1.

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Upon closer examination, the team sheet is wrong.

Creighton is currently a Q2 game (they are 56th). Several upcoming games are listed in the wrong Q too.

Too early to say what happens with ISU/UNC I think.


Crap. The Oregon loss likely has a huge effect on our ranking. Would have been so much nicer going into the heart of B1G play with that win in our pocket.

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Huge impact? It isn’t a bad loss. Certainly would have been a nice win but I think you might be exaggerating the impact.

Michigan has 9 opportunities to pick up wins in the same quadrant.

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But only two more Q1 wins are possible because it is clearly impossible to win on the road in the B1G. :grin:


Sure, NCAA, blame the IT guys!! :wink:

(I work in IT)


Garbage in, garbage out :slight_smile:

“We don’t have a NET problem, but we have a quadrant problem.”

My point was it had a huge impact on the NET rankings at this point in the season. Long term, who knows. Of course Michigan has opportunities to move up, but how many of those can we really count on? The conference is brutal right now.