Michigan Player Interviews

I LOVE listening to our players do interviews! Gosh, these kids are impressive, funny, insightful! Articulate, well spoken! Great kids!


Since no one else will reply to my comment, I’ll do it myself. Isn’t Moe Wagner special? Yes, he had an outstanding game! WOW! But he’s excited, enthusiastic, articulate, and such a great representative of “the greatest University in the world.” And Coach B, classy, humble, always defers the credit to players and his assistant coaches, and he never makes excuses. He, too, is a great representative of OUR University!


You are right the players are very well spoken and a great representation of the university. I’ve always kinda wondered how much teaching they got on the interview processes because there is no way when I was that age Id be able to be that composed and well spoken as they are.


Yup, it’s one of the many ways the JB era has been a real gift to Michigan fans. Not only the on-court success, but the quality of and education of the guys. From b-school toughs like Novak to the philosopher-prince Jon Horford, from the Dak and Dunc show to a funny German kid to Irvin’s and Walton’s honesty and charisma – it wouldn’t be enough without the winning, but it’s a real treat as a bonus.

And while the coach is supposed to be articulate, JB takes it to another level. Not only the insight, but the generosity – always sharing credit with his assistants, classy with respect to opponents. A Michigan Man, no doubt about it.