Michigan plane involved in accident

Sounded like Groce/Illinois was willing to move the start time and it was UM that made the call to stick with the earliest tip time.

I’m with most of the posts here, I would have requested flipping the UM/IL & MSU/PSU start times, but end of the day, the decision Michigan made seemed to have worked out for the team.

I’ve also run events and security for an arena and have have hosted tournaments with split sessions but we can agree to disagree. If cleanliness was the issue it’d be something tournament organizers and hosts would overlook for extenuating circumstances. I wouldn’t be worried about popcorn in a row for session 2 if it came down to it. A security run through can be easily shortened after the arena is cleared. Session 1 didn’t look heavily attended. The ticket presale would have easily given them an idea of what the arena was up against. I don’t think any alternative scenario for Michigan would have been a huge challenge for the Verizon Center staff.