Michigan picked sixth in Big Ten media poll (and a breakdown of my ballot)


Andy Kostka of the Washington Times is the guy who picked Zeb Jackson for freshman of the year. He also picked Michigan to finish 8th in the standings.

Maybe it’s my homerism, but if Zeb Jackson is the Big Ten Freshman of the year, Michigan is not finishing 8th in the Big Ten


I doubt that much thinking goes into these from a lot of media members, but I can see some disastrous scenarios where Zeb is forced into a 20-25 minute per game role that he’s not quite ready for but nevertheless that puts him into the FOY conversation. I’m just saying that’s not implausible however unlikely.

That feels like a pick where the guy pulled up the top recruits in the conference and chose the 3rd or 4th best recruit so that he wasn’t picking the most obvious guy and also not picking someone no ones knows about


Zeb is such an insane pick, ha.


feel like the only reasonable choices.

Geo Baker getting six first-team votes is madness.

Looks to see who picked Michigan 9th… Finds Teddy Greenstein. Shocking.


I’ll never understand the hate boners Northwestern sports writers have for Michigan.


Definitely putting Zeb as your Frosh of the Year pick is a little out there…but, if I turn my head sideways 80 degrees and squint my eyes…I can see minutes available at the 1 (argument that Eli is not a true 1, and your other PG choice is an up-transfer)…again, not supporting it, but maybe there is a thin line of reasoning…

I think you got it right. Zeb is a solid recruit coming to a good team at a position of dire need. (Granted, Dickinson checks all of those boxes and is a better prospect and has a clearer path to PT…but still.)

Miller is perhaps the most talented, but is going to have to share the ball with a lot of people. I could see a “freshman Stauskas” year for him where he’s really valuable, hits a bunch of open shots, but isn’t exactly piling up the stats in a way that wins him the award.

13 players got votes and not one for Isaiah Livers. Is hard to believe that all 13 players are better than he. IMO🤔


Michigan is a top 4 team…Indiana at 8-10 just because they’re football school now! I always have trouble seeing through these blue glasses…I can’t see anything less than 4th in the B1G. Go Blue!

I think fifth is about right pre-season. I do think in general Michigan is typically undervalued by the media. There are weaknesses among all the top teams. Iowa can’t play D, will Wisconsin continue shooting as it did at the end of last year, Illinois has two exceptional players, but have lost key contributors and MSU has to replace its PG the same as Michigan. And Franz Wagner, who might be a lottery pick, is often discounted. They may not reach it, but I think Michigan has a high ceiling.

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