Michigan passes first big test of the season thanks to Leigha Brown


Might have to check out the game on Thursday! I’ll be in Louisville for work. Hopefully have some time to get over there.

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Had the chance to watch both games with my own hoopster daughter. Both were great non-conference games as MSU has the Freep’s “Best Women’s Basketball Player in Michigan history” (Rickea Jackson: Michigan's greatest girls basketball player) think Emoni Bates talent but seemed to me a lot of the same me-first play that hurts your team overall; while Oregon State was very good (and technically the 16th rated team when they met after falling out of the top 15 the week earlier).

What was most impressive over the two games is that despite a lot was not going right for Michigan, they gutted out two comfortable in the second-half wins. Naz really seemed out of sync all weekend (though still getting her double-doubles) and like you mentioned a still-not-100% Brown willed a lot of baskets and a true team effort still got them Ws in the two games.

The best part of the weekend was watching the Michigan-OSU football game in the lobby’s bar as players and most of the families were in and out. That said, I have never been surrounded by more people wearing head-to-toe Michigan gear more lukewarm to a Michigan football victory (a large family contingent related to a certain player from Cleveland, in particular, seemed to be hiding some pro-Buckeye emotions). That said, even the Daytona Beach tournament staff were yelling Go Blue and getting excited with Michigan fans when arriving for that second game.


If not for injuries and illnesses the past 2 years, Leah Brown would be first team all B1G IMO! She still may make it.:wink: