Michigan-OSU Presser Videos

I really recommend watching the OSU one, interesting stuff from Holtmann (gotta fastforward a bit to get to his part)

Holtmann presser

Not as much of note from Juwan’s

Juwan Presser

Bothers me that I respect Holtmann because of the school he coaches for, but I do. He’s tactful and a professional.

Also kind of chuckled at the last question about the comparison between U-M and OSU’s arena announcers. You mean U-M’s the only school whose announcer announces our players’ buckets like Thor finding his hammer and opponents’ buckets like they just shot his dog?


Right away, I was reminded of an old Sports Illustrated article showcasing a Knicks-Pistons game (back when both teams were nationally relevant) and just as part of describing the atmosphere, the author quotes the PA announcer at MSG:


to the line…benwallace


Can’t find the article, but it’s not important. We all know that’s what home court PAs are like.

Buckeye fanboy media types sure have a lot of conspiracy theories, but any of them that involve a hornet’s nest home court advantage for Michigan can be thrown right in the trash.

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Ha! Home teams hire homer PAs for home games. Probably started as soon as Naismith first hung up the first peach basket… though it was probably just George Bush on a megaphone.


Ha! I WAS a homer PA announcer for a while, and I was pretty darn good, by the way! :wink: There were times opposing fans would tell me I was supposed to be neutral, and I would tell them, “Not in MY gym, I’m not going to be neutral!” And then I’d get even louder! :grin:

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This is what the question was for, FWIW

Very cool read. Thanks for linking, Dylan.