Michigan open practice scheduled for October 24th


Is the secret scrimmage actually going to be secret or will we actually get some info this year? Seems with other teams there has been more coverage and info.


Seems like the narrative is pretty clear each year. Rumors that Michigan lost the scrimmage, then endless discussion about how they aren’t actually playing a 40 minute game and there are often times situational portions, etc. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that secret scrimmages have been more publicized this year as much as there have been so many of these third exhibition games for charity relief which are allowed to be public and people can watch.

Michigan’s scrimmage is a real secret scrimmage.


Do we know the time of the scrimmage?


Haha, thanks Dylan. Going to be an interesting season.


The idea of Rahk playing any less than 25 a game is pretty far-fetched in my opinion. The internet had a tendency to oversell the barely seen options and undersell the known quantities. Rahk does lots of our-of-boxscore plays (he hoovers up a ton of loose balls with his speed, for instance) and is relatively mistake free. He knows this level of competition, and can play it. He’s playing 30 a game, all year.


We’ve got some playable new guys, no question, but no one good enough to push aside a well-established 2 year starter. If nothing else, MAAR’s 3 point shooting will keep him in there a lot.


Absolutely, MAAR is low key one of the most underrated Beilein recruiting stories.


The secret scrimmage was yesterday, right? I’ve seen nothing about it on scout due to the football game. I’m mostly interested in the rebounding numbers from the box score.


I think it’s today.


Gotcha. There’s about as much to take away from that box score as there is from an open practice, but at the same time if a young guy has a good game that does mean more than nothing.


Believe it was/is tonight at Toledo. Not gonna see an official box score or anything out of these. They are usually two modified halves with new scores for each along with some situational segments afaik.