Michigan open practice scheduled for October 24th


If not the MVP, certainly the revelation. But I don’t see him as a legit contender for starting PG. More likely outcome is 20 min/game backing up 1 and 2. BTW, keep up the great work @gtfo, you have made lots of great posts over the last month.


I see what you are saying about the half court offense but if guys are running the offense efficiently JB’s offense has a counter for cheating on Mo and Duncan. The team just needs to be patient and make the correct play.


I think maybe even later this season that Brooks could be one of the offense initiators. I feel he will be a better pick and roll guard than Zavier because he has a better ability to finish at the rim and shoot the 3 when teams try to go under the pick. I think a year under Camp Sanderson will do wonders for him also.


I just see Brooks as a combo guard period.


It’ll be interesting to see how fast we push the pace. I’d love to see us get it out and run as much as possible - Z, MAAR, and Mathews thrive in that type of offense. Get Duncan and Mo trailing/spotting up. That’s deadly.

The slow down sets are what scare me. I’m sure we’ll be fine in those situations but I don’t think we’ll be a great halfcourt team by any means.


I expect MAAR to start initially, but I would not be surprised to see him replaced later in the season, especially if the offense struggles. He is good at several things, but not great at any. We may need the skills of Simmons, Brooks or Poole to generate offense from the 2.


I don’t know. JB is going to have to figure out where the peices fit best relative to other players. If last night was any indication Brooks can’t be ignored. The kid needs to play. Some might say people are pumping up Brooks too much after one practice but I don’t think it is possible for a Freshman kid to come in and play as clean as he played, as a Freshman, even for twenty minutes, with the B team, unless the player possessed unusual talent. Everything he did was super clean…

I am not trying to say one player is better than the other but if whoever is our starting point guard and whoever becomes our first backup point guard both get the stomach flu before a big game, I am not really too worried about our third pg taking over.


Yea. I may have exagerrated a little but thank you for the kind words.


Quotes from media day have said that Zavier is the best defender on the team with Matthews as the best rebounder.

I’m thinking if Zavier is the starting PG this could be a unique John Beilein Michigan team. Perimeter defense could be a strength with Z, MAAR, and Matthews. Main scoring threat will be a Center which we haven’t seen in a very long time. I think if Wagner can get some concsistency and have an All-B1G first or 2nd team season then we could exceed some people’s expectations.


Brooks looked lost last night.

Edit: thought you said Poole. Disregard.


Teske looks like he’s 7’3". He makes Wagner look small!


My quick observations:
Livers looks really talented. He has offensive skill to play 2 guard. He can get his shot off.
I like the way Davis goes after rebounds.
Wagner looked more interested in rebounding; that was nice.
Watching on IPad I had trouble differentiating Poole from Watson; wasn’t crazy about either in this video.
I didn’t see enough to get a feel for Matthews, but he didn’t standout in this scrimmage.
All 3 PG’s looked good; I think all 3 will be in rotation.
I’m not a big Teske fan but he looked much stronger with the ball.


I could totally see us rotating all three and really pushing the pace. Jaaron, (Zavier or Eli), Muhammed, Moe, Charles. I could see this lineup at least 10 minutes a game. Rotate in Duncan, Poole for shooting. Zay, Ibi for athleticism. Austin, Jon for Moe and rebounding. We could keep our point fresh all game and wear their’s out.


That lineup is quite small. I hope we see it rarely.


Love all of the scrimmage talk but was thinking about it and wanted to share a word of caution.

DJ Wilson and Moritz Wagner starrred in Michigan’s open scrimmage 2 yrs ago. They both averaged under 9 mpg that year.


Caution for that specific year yes but hey the DJ and Moe hype ended up being real


But get really excited for 2018-2019 Eli Brooks then?


Trey Burke’s coming out party was freshman year in Maui…just saying


I noticed he had a nice take against Charles Matthews at 10:50 in the video. Promising.


I could see Eli Brooks having a better freshman year than Spike. That would be nice.