Michigan officially announces four new signees


I sure hope these recruits and some of the current roster can come back to Ann Arbor in June for some Camp Sanderson. Would love to see Franz and Cole be able to add 10 or so pounds of muscle over the summer.


I feel like that is pretty unlikely given the current climate.

just curious, what service are you using for the team rankings? 247 says 8 or 10, depending on if it’s composite or their own, as far as i can see…

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Yeah I think it will be more like July or August before things can start returning to some normalcy. Unless a second wave hits then who knows what may happen.

Looks like they updated it after re-adding Jace in. I’ll update the post. I had pre-written it before and his presence in the class causes it to bounce up and down.

cool, didn’t realize that a walk-on v. scholarship would change, but that makes sense.

Yeah a bit silly in the scheme of things (he’ll be on the team either way) but I think the rankings only account for scholarship commits.

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Has there been any news on what people plan on doing? Presumably Coach Sanderson still has a job, wouldn’t he still be working with kids virtually to work out and eat right? Any different rules possible with new signees getting virtual access that wasn’t as easy before?

They can send workout plans etc. but again you are pretty limited by what players have in their home.


Maybe they all should spend the summer in a state that has few viruses and opens earlier than most states and go to a location within that state that has good training equipment and other fun things to do (e.g. boating, outdoor swimming, golf, mountain hiking, scenic biking, etc).