Michigan officially announces 2023-24 non-conference schedule


Smart of them to take hundreds of my dollars for season tickets before announcing that OOC home slate.


Dylan I know you’ve given your thoughts on the in-person experience for B4A, but could you summarize once again? A vacation is potentially being planned for that week, and I’m pushing for it :wink:

Oh don’t worry, I’m sure our one December conference home game will be a marquee team like Minnesota or Nebraska

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Atlantis itself is not really my vibe. More of like a Disney World meets Vegas sort of thing. Probably better if you have kids.

Generally all of the food and stuff is quite expensive there for what it is. I’m fine paying for good meals, but it is more like paying double to eat TGI Fridays.

It is nice to have all of the games right there, the environment at the games isn’t bad despite the weird ball room setup. All of the hotels are connected to each other and connected to the venue where the games are so very easy in that sense.

Pools and water amenities are really nice there, again especially if you have kids.


So…probably not the ideal destination for me and the GF lol.

Much appreciated, I’ll just wait for the eventual Maui return :slight_smile:

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When would Michigan be playing their conference games in Dec between the 2nd and 16th or between the 19th and 29th?

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It’s still a good trip. It is just a little more… processed? … than places I would rather go.

My wife went both times I’ve been and still had a good time at the pool all day :rofl:


Conference games would be closer to the December 2nd date, I assume.

Atlantis is basically a carnival cruise ship on an island.

And that might explain why I’ve never been on a cruise. :rofl:

All Carnival cruises are cruises. All cruises aren’t Carnival cruises.

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Spent a little time looking at the non-conf schedule. Wish I would have before Dylan’s lastest “ask me anything” because I would have asked him for his prediction on the 11 game non conf schedule.

We should win the 5 games at Crisler.
We should lose at Oregon
Steal a win at MSG where we have played well
Likely lose v FL at Charlotte.

That would make us 6-2 not accounting for the Atlantis tournment. Worse case scenario win 1 there.

That gives us 7-4. Go 11-9 in the BigTen puts us at 18-13. On the bubble going into the Big10 tourny. Veteran team not fazed and wins 2 there putting us at 20-13 and a solid 6 seed in the NCAA.


Wow 2 wins in the BTT takes us from bubble to six seed. That’s wild!


A worst case scenario of only one win in Atlantis would give us the noncon resume we had this past year. Would have to hope that 11-9 includes no bad losses to even be considered a bubble team.


Actually it wouldn’t—7-4 against 6-5, no EMU loss, much tougher SOS. We’d have been in, and likely several places above Dayton going into the BTT with that resume.

The moral of the story is always that the who matters more than the number. Arguing about numbers of wins and losses now is impossible because who they are against means everything.

Fools errand without knowing the B4A bracket at the very least.

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You’re forgetting a loss in the BTT in your scenario (unless you’re predicting they win it), so Michigan would be 20-14 with a 2-1 BTT showing. There’s no way that would garner a 6-seed. We’ve also seen that the committee doesn’t value conferences tournaments as much as the regular season.

I have been twice never for the tournament but neither time did I see a lot of children. As an aside when i was in Cancun it was over run with children.