Michigan offers top-30 big man Hunter Dickinson

Am I the only one that gets Dickinson and Kessler mixed up? Both of them having 2 last names throws me off. Along with both of them being huge white dudes

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Kessler is more stretch-y.


Yeah I know the difference in their games, I just get mixed up on which is which. Probably just me though :joy:

so they offered both Kessler and Dickinson. Doubt they get both but man it would be cool to have twin towers.

No way they could play both and have success. At least defensively. Offensively it could possibly work for small stretches maybe just because Kessler is a really good shooter. But I don’t think he can dribble at a high enough level for a modern day 4.

I don’t see any way that they’d go to the same school. If Michigan were going to pivot toward more two big looks, which is very much a possibility, I’d expect to see them recruit more of a traditional power forward type rather than a pair of 7-footers.

Dawson Garcia happens to fit that mould.

Yep another high 4*/5* offer. Juwan’s doing what he said he would do.