Michigan offers four-star wing Micah Peavy

And that as they say, was fast.

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Added over five minutes of video to the post if you guys want to check out his game.

His instagram has a bunch of highlights too

Looks like he could fit the Beilein’s system, a player that might develop play in between a Brazdeikis and Matthews style play. Depending on how his game transfers to the collegiate level in my opinion a real good offer by Michigan, I hope he Goes Blue!

Looks very athletic.

Are we pushing for a commitment while he is still on campus?

Tonight was my first time really paying attention to TCU, and the name Micah Peavy rang a bell. He did his best against Timme (and seems to have grown quite a bit since his recruiting profile) but, in the end, he was overmatched.


I also love a good necro thread :joy::joy::joy:


Haha, thanks for digging this up. I had the same reaction watching that game: “Wait. We recruited this guy, right?”

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