Michigan offers four-star wing Jabri Abdur-Rahim


Juwan is wasting no time i see. Is he still suppose to met with Jalen Wilson this week also.


Has Jabri expressed mutual interest in Michigan?


Michigan was probably the favorite to land him before Beilein left. He had an official visit already set up.


Could be wrong, but I think that a certain amount of early recruiting luck could cover a multitude of noobie learning curve stumbles. OTOH, if Juwan fails to pull any high-visibility players for a while, everything will remain a question, clouds of uncertainty could linger. Hoping that a few of these four- and five-stars make the jump.


I think it would be beneficial to have a couple guys sign in November. I am confident Juwan can lay out a plan for these guys to show how they team will be run. Plus Juwan can illustrate that playing time will be available.


Yes I think a late May date was confirmed after Beilein left. Let’s get that visit set up again!


This the recruit at the top of my list for 2020, at least those that we have had some level of contact with in the past.

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He’s probably going to Texas with yak. I hope that we can pull this kid. Him, zeb, a top center and Micah peavy would be a great class.


Give me Micah peavy with zeb, this guy, a SG and a top center and I’m in heaven.


If anyone is gonna go to Texas with Yak, it’d be Peavy. Why would JAR go to Texas? He’s from Jersey and his main recruiter was Saddi


Totally agree Kturnip.


I was mistaken. I thought that he was his main recruiter.

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Man, that really suggests he was going to commit to Beilein :pensive:


I wanted him to be offered before Beilein moved on. My #2 target behind Christopher. Its past time for the biggies to start falling M’s way.

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He was supposed to meet with JW shortly after his NC visit yesterday.


I’m guessing no news on that front then. The recruits will come just going to have to play the waiting game


Hopefully we go after Cade Cunningham… Gotta give it a shot since zeb is going to play with I think… Am I correct?