Michigan offers four-star guard Moses Moody

This feels like the first tier 2 (tier 1.5?) offer. I know a top 35-40 guy is still highly rated, but I have to wonder if this indicates anything moving behind the scenes with our top 20 offers on other guards. I hope that we move to get him on campus a bit after this first wave of recruits to start pushing for commitments one way or another.

Also to consider: Moody was the USA Basketball event at the end of July where Michigan had coaches evaluating.


Dumb question: is Zeb already playing and interacting with his Montverde teammates or not so much since school is only starting now? Just wondering if this may be a situation where Zeb is communicating that the coaches should pay a little more attention to this guy or something, similar to Brakefield.

According to 247Sports’ Jerry Meyer, he sees Moody as a first-round talent with game comparable to Allen Crabbe at the next level.
“Has length with an enormous wingspan for a wing. Smooth athlete but not an overly explosive athlete. High quality shooting is his greatest strength. Very good shooter off the catch. Dribble game and playmaking are improving. Has the size and anticipation to be a good defender. Solid rebounder. Length and shooting ability bode well for his future. Projects as a first-round draft choice.”

In June, Moody’s game also stood out to Meyer during the Pangos All American Camp as well.
“A 6-5 shooting guard, Moody came into this year’s circuit known primarily as a shooter, but he has expanded his skill set and is utilizing his athleticism at a much higher level this summer. Friday night at Pangos, he knocked down some shots but also attacked the rim with both explosive athleticism and also deft finesse. Moody also handled and passed well. Ranked in the top 40 of the 2020 class, he is making a strong push towards five-star status as a prospect.”

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I would think this is only a good thing. First, it seems like this kid is a nice talent either way. While maybe we would prefer to get Josh Christopher, getting Moody would still be a very nice get. You probably can’t do that down the line if you don’t offer now (see Harlond Beverly). Second, it puts a little pressure on the top targets. That’s not a bad thing. I’d rather cast a wide net than go down the Amaker path where he offered a few top guys, usually missed, and wound up with terrible back up options.

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FWIW Brian snow has been saying he has one source that thinks moody will end up at osu. He’s not expected to end up at Arkansas either according to snow. Seems like a kid open to going anywhere.

Don’t remember where or why, but saw a video interview of him at USA Basketball and he spoke very highly of OSU.

He’s close with EJ Liddell and someone else on the OSU roster I believe.

Yep, the recruits get to take their time and figure out what they want, and the school has to do what needs to be done as well. Beilein did the same thing and that is how it is done. Michigan needs multiple guys signed in November.

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OSU was extremely fortunate with the Holtmann hire.

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I think this falls along the lines of Jaemyn Brakefield’s offer. I don’t think this is a tier 2 kid. He’s a great shooter, has a nose for the ball and is a pretty pesky defender too. He got a lot of steals at Montverde last year off inbounds or jumping passing lanes. He also hustles more than a typical top 40 kid does. I regularly seen him on the floor for loose balls at Montverde and for Bradley Beal elite in the EYBL. He’s a guy who doesn’t typically dribble the ball a ton either, so he’s a guy who can play with elite talents and still be productive. Playing for a guy like Coach Boyle at Montverde helps that even more. I like the offer.


Not going lie I never expected holtmann to be this level of a recruiter. He’s doing a heck of a job there.

Has Snow ever thought a recruit would end up at Michigan?


I too like this offer. I also agree we need 2 signees in addition to Zeb in Nov.


Just curious but will there be any film on Moody @umhoops? If not no biggie.

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Yep. Will have it up tomorrow most likely.