Michigan offers four-star guard Adam Miller


Video and a few notes about his recruitment in here.

Juwan has serious ties to the Mac Irvin fire so he’d know if there was a good shot. I am guessing there is since he offered.

Yeah I doubt he would visit if there wasn’t at least a shot. He is supposed to decide next week. Taking a last minute visit is at least interesting

I would say we are maybe still waiting to see what happens with the visit given that he deleted that tweet. But would definitely be big if they can get him up this weekend.

Would Coach take both him and Joshua Christopher? Or is it first come? Or would Coach ask Adam Miller to postpone his announcement (scheduled for 11/21) until Christopher takes his OV to Michigan on the 22nd and see where he stands with Michigan?

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Yes. No. No.


You take them both and you thank God for the opportunity! Not to be sacrilegious, of course! :wink:


Any word/thoughts on why it took this long to offer him? IIRC, Miller was an early name being tossed around by people because of the obvious Mac Irvin connection. Just a tier below Burnett/Christopher/Moody on Juwan’s wish list?

No inside info but this reads as Miller being in the second tier of wing players on Juwan’s board that a lot of posters here were fretting about not existing. Seems to me like UM was just waiting to see the outcome of the Burnett/Moody recruitments.

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Honestly super weird Juwan waited til now to offer.

The only scenario where it makes sense is you are exceptionally confident the kid would take the offer if given, irrespective of being slow played.

Obv low probability, but here’s hoping…

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If I wanted to hurt my chances with Miller, that’s what I would do.


I think it’s more “what can it hurt?”

Yeah … this feels like a real shot in the dark.