Michigan offers five-star wing Patrick Baldwin Jr.

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Syrupy game

This coaching staff is super gunnin’ for 5 Stars.

One would think something has to give eventually.

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Totally agree. Its way past time to land some Elites

He looks very smooth.

We have landed elites. We have had five stars. Zak, Derrick and kam was borderline 5 stars. Mitch was number 2 when we got him.

Walton wasn’t a 5 star ever that I’m aware of. Irvin was borderline but from what I recall ended up a 4 star. Mcgary dropped to a 4 star. Only 5 star I can recall is GR3 and he was probably near the cut off of 4 and 5 star guys. Beilein did a phenomenal job identifying the right guys but it’s been a long time since we pulled some top 10 or 15 guys.

Going to venture a guess that landing five-stars will require more than just calling and offering them a scholarship.


I agree, especially if doing it ethically.

I do feel if one eventually lands, and has success, it could become normal for the team. But right now players don’t know the style of play, the coach is unproven, etc. I admire the ambition of the staff casting a wide net.

Of those 4 McGary was the only legitimate Elite. Chatman was over rated and a bust. It took Walton and Irvin 3 yrs to develop. Most Elites are at least nominated McDonalds All Americans. I was also speaking to consistent recruitment of Elites.

Now you’re just raining on the parade of the fans celebrating our program’s shout-outs.

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I believe Juwan is going to get some key assists from the NBA player network that would very much like to see an NBA vet succeed in going straight to college.