Michigan offers class of 2022 phenom Emoni Bates


Read the quote as Emoni had known Howard for 25 years. Made me pause and reread.

I hope he’s able to chase his dream how he chooses, I’m glad we offered. Have only heard solid things about the kid and it would be silly to not offer. If somehow the rules don’t change and he only had an MSU offer, man would that feel bad.

The Franz Wagner of the 2022 class! Recruitment watch begins

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I too am glad he was offered especially when he lives close to AA. Really can’t get too excited now when he would be 2 or 3 yrs away from playing though.

His dad has known Juwan 25 yrs.

Yup, got that on my reread. I’m 100% on board with that friendship and the greatness that is a U of M experience meaning that Emoni should play for our basketball team.


Did you make an account just to say this?


I’m pretty sure every fan refers to a team as “theirs” which then becomes “ours” and “us.” It’s part of the [unwritten] alumni/fan/team agreement.


If you’re actually a fan of that team, then yes.

I personally take no issue with using “we/us” in general but I’d say for alumni to refer to their alma mater that way is unassailable.


I try shy away from “we” and “our” in citing any of U-M’s teams (or any team, for that matter) but reference it as “U-M’s team” or “the team” and myself as a “U-M fan.” It’s not because I don’t feel a personal connection from my avid fandom to the team, nor do I feel like I’m less “part of it” because I graduated elsewhere (CMU), but because I try to be careful to separate personal investment in how I perceive the sports teams I follow. I watch; I don’t participate, and I have zero influence on any of this. I do agree, though, that alumni are perfectly within acceptable vernacular of “we” and “us” when referring to their alma mater. I personally shy away from “us” and “we” for CMU’s basketball team because, well, they consistently suck.


That makes a lot of sense. I try to do the same at times. But sometimes it’s just easier to say we/us. Calling someone out for saying it on a forum of fans is not a winning battle though (not referring to you of course).


Agreed. It’s 100% unnecessary.

Always funny to see what people get mad about online.

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It’s not how I generally refer to
Michigan or any team I follow. However it was a conscious decision given the tone of that post (it was supposed to be fun). I am a fan and member of this board/community for enjoyment; just trying to share some joy and optimism between news and speculation. Trying to be a positive person where I can.


A troubling number of people these days (broadly speaking, not referring to this message board) seem to enjoy telling others what they can and cannot say.

Alright ya’ll, time to kill this discussion. Stick to Emoni Bates.


I’m sure Emoni Bates is cool with however fans wish to refer to the team. What year is the one-and-done rule expected to come to an end? It’s slipped my mind. Was it 2023?

2022 Draft.

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Ah, okay. Thanks.