Michigan Media Day 2017

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Sounds like Jordan Poole will exclusively be playing the 3 this year. Which means Brooks probably will have a chance to get some time at guard. And Poole/Livers will battle for backup minutes on the wing.

I’ll keep saying it. I’m expecting huge things from Simpson. I was confident in him taking over and still am. I think he could be good on offense too, not just d. He showed late he can get in the lane easily and has great vision. I also liked what I saw on the break from him. With him, Matthews and maar I’d love to see us push it on the break this year. I think this is where Ibi could come into. He looked good on the break in scrub time and I think he’d excel running and finishing with x. I’m not positive Poole beats him out. Any insight to how both have looked?

My media day, open practice thoughts:


Great stuff! Thanks Dylan.

Robinson a huge plus in transition as an abovevthe break shooter/soft trail.


He still looks like he’s moving a bit at half speed as he processes where he should be moving (something Beilein always refers to as “tape delay”).

It’s kinda funny to watch how robotic the freshmen always look in the early stages of practice because of how much they have to focus on where the hell to go. Although I must say, I feel like Matthews should be above that point after a year in the system.

Part of what’s going on there is that he was running basically other team’s offenses for most of last year. So that plays a factor.


True, I completely forgot about that. Only time will tell at this point.

Simpson, MAAR/Ibi/Poole, Mathews, Robinson could be stellar on the break. Heck, Wagner is good in transition as well beating slower Cs down the court.I know we won’t get out on the break much, but when we do it could be effective.

Our good teams get on the break quite a bit. We’re never a team that runs all the time but we do look to run and get open looks early. If we don’t take an early shot, though, we then tend to use a lot of clock running the offense. Hopefully this year will follow that model.

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Our highest tempo seasons in the JB era are 2016 (66), 2013 (64), 2017 (63). Should be interesting to see where we wind up this year.

It sounds like a year in the system as a redshirt doesn’t help you learn the system because they spend their time on the scout team.