Michigan/LSU Post Game Discussion


Saying we shouldn’t criticize players is a pretty brutal take IMO.


The end of the game with MAAR bring the ball up just bothered me . That is when we need Zavier to hustle it up and make at least one good pass or get to the rack


I was ok with Rahk brining it up and I don’t think Zavier was even in the game. However, you can’t bring it up the side of the court because you are inevitably going to dribble right to the corner, get trapped and throw up a prayer. You have to try to attack the middle of the court downhill and then see what develops. Maybe you take it all the way or someone helps and you can kick it out to them.

That’s the problem with Rahk though. He gets tunnel vision and doesn’t really see the court. I don’t think I trust Brooks in that situation as his ball handling seems to be shaky especially when pressured.

Wagner was also neglected down the stretch when we needed to score. That’s a bit of delimma when your go to guy is a big. He needs someone to get him the ball but he’s probably their best option.


Especially when he criticized Simpson in literally the next sentence he typed.


easy jerry.


Hate to say it, but Coach B probably should have gone defense/offense at minimum with Teske/Mo once we went up 9. They weren’t scoring at and near the rim nearly as easily with Teske in. The Mo line up has as much rim protection as we expected.


Nothing wrong with good healthy robust conversation about what would help make the team better. I see no line crosser in this thread. Ulitimately we all support the team. If Requesting someone be shown the bench for bad performance is out of bounds then we need to close this forum.


Yeah – enough about this. Nothing in this thread was out of line, let’s not change that and stay on topic with discussing the actual game.


Is Will Wade an incredible recruiter? Or what’s the reason a Top 35 recruit from CT goes down to LSU to play basketball? I’m seeing he had offers from Indiana, Duke, Kansas, Georgetown, UConn, etc…but he picked LSU?


Criticism is fine as long as it isn’t malicious or just mean.


Charles Matthews is spectacular. I thought Poole looked pretty good tonight in spurts too, very natural as a scorer. Eli and Simpson should get the PG minutes, glad Eli started he looked comfortable although his shot wasn’t falling


I’m not going to lie, I knew Charles would be good but my goodness his pick n roll ability is much greater than I thought it would be at this point. If the rest of the starting 5 can hit open shots, we’ve got a chance to be pretty darn good. I love what I saw from Livers tonight and I hope he can play about 20 minutes and split them with Robinson. Poole playing was a great sign as he is not shy at all about shooting. Tomorrow is going to be a great test for us and it’ll be crucial for Eli to not turn the ball over vs the press we will face.



Charles got to work out with wade two weekends this past summer. Said it was the best thing that’s ever happened to him basketball wise.


I was down on Charles after southern miss, but he’s playing like a man amongst boys now. His 3 ball is still ugly AF, but it doesn’t matter.


Regarding LSU I can’t help but think back to last year. After Brooklyn we were gonna be a juggernaut, after January we needed a coaching change, after March we get to hang a banner. Dang basketball season is long.


Loved what you saw from Livers? I think we were watching different games.


LSU getting crushed by ND. The big guy with the ugly set shot that hit two huge 3s against us threw a couple off the backboard.


It was great to see Livers get some points but i thought Livers was out of position a lot on defense against Chaminade.


Tremont Waters didn’t fare so well tonight against ND.