Michigan loses final Spanish exhibition game to Joventut Badalona

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Here are the Jovenut stats… Hoping they post Michigan’s.


Not practicing over there and the two losses by less than 10 pts pretty much expected. Bonding was the most important IMO.


So they refuse to play DDJ. The kid can shoot the 3 ball

I’m not sure “refuse to play DDJ” is the way the coaches would phrase it. He’s going to be a really good player for us, eventually. I just think he may have a lot to work on at this point.


He actually got some run in the first quarter of the Joventut game. Why do you think they refused to play him?


He’s looked pretty lost in the brief clips I’ve seen–plus Eli has been looking much improved. The coaches know that DDJ will need to learn the offense/ defense, while at the same time this is a pivotal year for Brooks. They need to see what they have there before throwing in the towel.

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One thing that can be counted on regarding Brooks is that he knows the offense and can run it. If his ability to score improves as expected he will become a valuable member of the rotation.