Michigan is peaking at the right time, even if it doesn't feel like it


Dylan…right on !! Completely true ! If CM can bounce back from the ankle we are in business !!

If they can put the MSU loses behind them mentally and emotionally, they could have an excellent tournament. They have enough of the pieces.

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I’m a bit worried about the second-weekend matchups. Is it crazy to prefer playing Gonzaga over FSU? I’d totally rather go up against an untested/smooth offensive rather than another crazy FSU rockfight. I also worry about offensive execution. This group does seem to get the jitters down the stretch if they are playing from behind.

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I so wish Livers had had another few chances to put up a more 3s late in the MSU game.

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Love this. Also very surprised by this. It seems extremely statistically improbable that Michigan is playing better basketball than anyone in the country, but yet was 0-3 in that span against the rival. Makes me feel quite a bit more optimistic for a run now though

Blow out wins over “pretty good” teams (especially away from home) and close-ish losses to a very very good team.


Thanks Dylan! This is just the reminder I needed of how good this team is. Can’t wait for tonight!

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exactly what I was logging in to say in response to this article. Thanks for this dose of high level perspective Dylan!

Well he did have a chance to deliver the dagger with 1:30 left, but missed…

It seems like MSU, for one, is playing better than Michigan in that span. There is playing well and then there is winning.


It seems like MSU, for one, is playing better than Michigan in that span. There is playing well and then there is winning.

Which category does losing to Indiana fall into? That happened in March.

Which shows that some of this is an artifact of the calendar; Sparty certainly had been playing better than us since March 3rd (the day after the loss to IU). Likewise, from late November to early December (@Villanova through vs. Purdue) is when UM was playing at its early season best. Are we really playing better than that now? Dunno, but we are playing well enough to make plenty of noise in the tournament.

Not crazy at all. FSU and TT both have top ten (TT is #1) defenses. That makes for very nervous games against teams that are accustomed to winning games where scoring is at a premium.

But we have to win the first weekend first.

FSU last year – hard to think of a team that’s done a better job taking Michigan out of its offense in the past few years.

I disagree I thought we ran great offense last year against FSU, just didn’t hit anything.

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Fair comment. To be clear, if there’s one thing a Beilein team is going to do NO MATTER WHAT it’s get open 3s. But within that, I still think Michigan’s offense was more discombubulated against FSU than any other I’ve seen in a while.

We shot 55% from 2 against FSU. I know Dylan has said before the best sign of Michigan’s offense is their 2P%. I don’t think FSU messed up our offense any worse than Houston did.

Admittedly I missed the Houston game. Shocked to hear we shot 55% from 2.

We just could not hit threes in that game until Duncan’s big one.