Michigan has 2nd best odds to be last undefeated team


What does everyone think: will Michigan do (a) worse, (b) same, or © better than its 2012-13 16-0 start? I’m going to vote for better.

Better, but not by much. They go to Wisconsin in Game 18.

KenPom gives us a 47.44% shot at going 17-0

I expect we will lose multiple games this season.


When do you think will be the 1st loss?

Are there people who expect otherwise? :rofl:


The 4 game stretch before going to Wisconsin is definitely the easiest group of big ten games we’ll have for the rest of the season. Not dropping a game before then would be very helpful for our big ten title hopes.

Reading these pages and elsewhere, yes, I think so.

Really? I haven’t seen anything like that here and certainly don’t think anything I’ve written implies as much.

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