Michigan Football Open Thread



I don’t have any hot takes, but I do know this was simply a perfect day for Michigan football. A beat down of Penn State and their despicable program, MSU getting clobbered by Wiscy, Notre Dame losing to Dook to give us the winning percentage title back, and former MSU coordinator Narduzzi getting shocked in the second craziest game I’ve ever witnessed live (I doubt 2011 Mich-ND will ever be beaten). Plus we didn’t have to see OSU win. What a time to be a Michigan fan.


And Colorado is about to beat Oregon on the road.


And it was with Montez playing the whole game at QB


Pumped for next week, but Speight will need to show that he can hit the deep pass – running game looked great yesterday (especially Higdon) but it’s going to be tough going on the ground vs Wisconsin. Hope they get Peppers involved on offence.


Seems like he gets happy feet sometimes. Doesn’t set them and step into his throws. Had Chesson for a TD on a fake end around to Evans and he underthrew it by a mile. Still completed it, but it should have been a big play.

JH will get a lot of the kinks worked out though. Qb whisperer and all


Confident we will beat Wisconsin. Thought their freshman qb did a decent job, but he’s gonna have our DL in his face all day. They don’t have the offensive weapons to keep up with us.

Their defense is good, but I think we have enough skill on our offense to score points on them even if one aspect of our game is not working. I don’t expect to be able to run between the tackles much against the Badgers, but our receivers will be able to get open and I think we can run outside on them if our TE block well

Michigan 27, Wisconsin 13


No there was a safety deep.


I don’t think the safety gets there in time if Speight throws it properly. Might have been able to prevent the TD with a tackle but it should have been a much bigger play.


The safety easily gets there to prevent the TD IMO. I think it could have been thrown deeper but I don’t think it was a huge underthrow.


I love how whether or not a play would be a touchdown or a 20 yard gain is something worth debating. Our problems seem so minuscule compared to just 2 years ago.


Honestly, Speight is not the answer at QB. If we had another year of Ruddock, I’d feel so confident that we could make the playoff. I just don’t think Wilton has the talent to command our offense at its highest level


Yeah, a successful goal line stand to beat Akron seems like a long time ago now, thankfully.


He’s playing way better than Rudock did through four games last year. Also keep in mind Rudock was a 5th year senior. Speight will have some growing pains to be sure, but he’s got tools and a great QB mentor.


I’ve always hated his release. And I wish he would pick up yards with his feet some more when it’s there… Those are my only two complaints. I think he’s doing a really good job, though.


He’s pretty mobile/agile for his size…moves around the pocket really nicely. And keeps his eyes downfield (ahem, Devin Garner).
I’ve heard - through very unconfirmed sources - that he doesn’t slide very naturally or gracefully…and has been told to scramble only if the sideline is a sure escape…at least on non-crucial downs.

He’s not D-Rob, but he’s certainly not John Navarre either.


Great point! About the same size as Navarre and even a little bit of the low release, but much better pocket awareness!


Super-flattering-hyperbole incoming: but seeing him move in the pocket, at that size, reminds me of Big Ben. Dude is big enough to shrug off some smaller arm tackles, and then knows how to shuffle around in a collapsing pocket, while keeping his eyes downfield.

Arm strength and accuracy are both problems, right now. But if anything is going to come with reps (game and practice) it’s accuracy and timing. Just ask the Iowa-reject-turned-6th-rounder that Harbaugh spent 13 games grooming.


I was stuck watching the FSU-UNC game this week so I missed the Michigan game. Can someone who was there attest to how loud/active the fans were?


Wasn’t there, but the announcers said a couple of times that it was pretty quiet for the 2nd and 3rd quarters


“Omg so loud. Darboh tuddy and Lewis INT were some of the loudest moments I’ve been apart of” - Friend