Michigan Football Open Thread



We really need Cole to come back. I assume he will, but you never know. Agreed that O-line depth looks really scary on paper, but I have a lot of faith in Drevno. Kugler’s good game against Hawaii (competition caveats apply) makes me cautiously optimistic.


I’m less skeptical about it now that Newsome appeared competent (comp level caveat applies). So we have a starting LT, and Kugler will be on the interior. If Cole stays, we appear to at least be average in that regard next year. But I get the feeling Evans needs less space in relation to Smith in order to be effective.


I basically agree, but I still think (probably) losing Aubrey Solomon hurts, in a few ways. 1. He is an amazing talent at a position of need. 2. He was from the south (Georgia) and, while I think JH’s nation-wide recruiting is awesome, plucking elite talent from the south and keeping them out of the SEC is an added bonus.

Totally acknowledge that even Solomon might not matter, cuz Jim Harbaugh. But Solomon was pretty darn good and seen as a huge coup.


I do agree with you in theory. But to think that Glasgow is a former walk-on, that very well could end up being an All-American under Harbaugh…I think I’ll put whatever concerns I have about DT to the side for now.


I get it, can’t really knock JH until he actually does something wrong (other than not calling mass-protection on one particular punt). I’d just still rather have him molding elite talent, plucked from the south and away from the SEC.

But I think we both agree: JH is the man and will continue to turn lead into gold and gold into stronger, shinier gold.


Since we are 17 months away from national signing day in 2018 I can’t get that worked up about it.


Idk if you’re talking about my initial post, but Solomon is a 2017 recruit.


No but it was mentioned about 2018 and Irvin and Johnson are in that class.


To make you feel better, I think that Jordan Elliot from the 2016 class might have some issues living up to his ability. I don’t blame kids for decommitting and taking their time to make the right decision. But the dude committed to 4 different schools…And publicly called out recruiting reporters who stated that they thought he would flip to Texas…and then he promptly flipped to Texas. Just seems like kids who have recruiting stories that convoluted don’t work out. Chris Clark most memorably.


Carter Dunaway decommited today too. I have a feeling his was more along the lines of a lack of contact from our end. He’s big but hasn’t shown much beyond his size.


When we’re 7-0 heading into E Lansing and we beat them by 2-3 TDs this will all seem funny


I need it, man.


It’s all funny now.


A couple years ago an annoying non conference game against a bad team meant winning by a single score against Akron. Now many are complaining about a 51-14 drubbing. I think it’s fair to say we’re more than back.

(Also, what the hell Northwestern???)


We should be getting a good test in colorado next week. Excited to see if we can win big in that game beause they are alot better than hawaii and ucf.


Let’s put this in proper context, 51-14 without an All American in Jourdan Lewis and an all B10 player in Taco Charlton.


No Lewis or Long and their quarterbacks went 6-22. I mean wow.


http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/091016aak.html - article about Speight

I dont want to take anything away from Rudock and Speight, in terms of talent and preparation, but it’s just pretty sweet that any kid who wants to play QB, knows that he can come to Michigan, get a fair shot to compete, and–if he wins the job–become a total stud under premier tutelage. I dont want to get too far ahead of myself, because Speight is still unproven against good competition. But, I’m very ready for Harbaugh to turn Michigan back into Quarterback University.


Bump. Whats everyones take on the football team now 4 games into the season. Im going with one loss to ohio state and the rest wins.


Have to agree, would like to think OSU would be a toss-up if it was in Ann Arbor. I think losing Clark for the season hurts; the tier of DB’s behind Lewis, Stribling, and Clark is an obvious drop off.

Excited to see the Wisconsin game, it’ll be good to face an elite defense before MSU and OSU.