Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward


I’d agree that Dylan > mgoblog, which is crazy considering the man power they have. Dylan actually knows the conference and nuances of each team; mgoblog feels a little more box-score dependent


Yeah, I’m less interested in recaps and more interested in analysis if that makes sense.

And plus, it goes without saying that MGoBlog is football driven.


Definitely makes sense, that’s why mgoblog’s football content is truly the golden standard. I genuinely feel like I’m learning when I read the FFFF, UFR, and necktie sharpies. Same with umhoops and the game previews


Works for Hoopseen and Roundball Rundown. Pretty much the most respected scout/recruiting analyst among college coaches. Not widely known among the general public because he hasn’t worked for ESPN,Scout, etc. until now.

As a scout myself, I respect his work based on the fact that he attends a great deal of games/AAU events. I attended 3 out of 4 EYBL events, and attended most of the big events in July, and Corey was present at most of those events. He attends far more events in relation to ESPN, Scout, 247, Rivals.

I thought you were a Balas guy, at least at one point anyway. Don’t listen to anything he says in terms of scouting, he doesn’t attend any events/games at all.


Cool. Will be on the lookout for his stuff in the future.

I was never really any anybody guy. I pretty much get all of my basketball recruiting info from here.


Watching the Maryland-IU game, so couldn’t help but to come back to here and with some remorse for not stealing Justin Jackson or Amir Coffey late. Coffey especially could’ve been our go-to wing scorer, this year and for the next 3-4.


I’m so frustrated with our inability to find a single instant impact freshman. I’m all out of energy on that for the most part. Hopefully Bamba changes that trend.


Remember CJ Walker (16 PG from IN) that I was pretty high on. Another freshman we could’ve seemingly had that would have been a nice get…appears to be doing well at FSU


I guess it’s appropriate that a football thread comes back to basketball on a basketball forum.

Solomon/Tufele are the most important recruits left on the board because of both future and immediate NT depth. Either would likely be in the 2-deep next year, partly out of necessity, but also because they are both good. After Mone and Hurst, Dwumfour is really the only true NT/3T on the roster. There are a few 3T/5T guys, but we need a true NT.

After those guys, I think Gay is next on the wish list. His athleticism is insane. He could solidify the viper for the next 3-4 years.

Next would be Becton. I do think he has immense potential, but he wouldn’t play next year and probably not the following year either. We really could have used an instant-impact Tackle in this class, but those are so rare in college football. There are maybe 3 this year’s class. Two are going to Stanford and one is going to Bama. Filiaga could play LT or RT if he absolutely had to next year, but it probably wouldn’t be pretty. Maybe Steuber would be ready, but the jump in competition level would be huge. I’m not sure how the tackle situation will play out next season, but hopefully Drevno will earn his paycheck.


What are the chances we can pick up a grad transfer or JUCO player to bolster the offensive line depth? Outside of Ruddock, it seems a lot more rare to get impact grad transfers in college football.


I’d have to think we’re a pretty attractive option for that. Obviously the hard part about getting those types is they want to come in and start for their one year, and we can tell them that with nearly 100% conviction.


I was looking ahead… the state of Michigan is pretty weak in 2018 talent but 2019 we’ve got two 5* Offensive Tackles and a top 100 RB. That could end up being a monster class.


So after all of our Becton/Gay/Filiaga/Harris dialogue yesterday I decided to check out Becton’s rankings in relation to Filiaga. Filiaga is basically 100-150/#12-16 OT on all sites whereas Becton ranges from top 200 down to a 3star/#22-45 OT.

Not a huge rankings guy, especially with OL, but Filiaga’s poor performance at the AA game likely indicate a drop in ranking.

Likely conclusion - neither guy is ready, freshman OL never are, but both may be needed based on depth


Becton is more of a project, per reports I’ve read. But I haven’t talked to Harbaugh.


On the Najee vs others and how it relates to importance - one has to consider the sizzle of landing the #1 (to some sites) player and dinging Bama in the process. To me that elevated the desire to land him to something other than a need/fit equation. Not saying we were in trouble if we didn’t land him though. I’m happy with our current backs and really want to see what we have in O’Maury.


Regarding position scarcity and Willie Gay…

As it stands without Gay, Josh Metellus is the most likely candidate to replace Peppers at the Viper position. That means someone has to replace Metellus at Safety, another position where we aren’t very deep or experienced. Gay’s strengths play great at “Viper” and many think he could start there day 1. That allows Metellus to slide back to Safety.


All OL are projects generally speaking. Bredeson was a 5star that was considered ‘college ready’ by most accounts. He struggled mightily this year for the most part.

You know why he ended up starting…no depth once injuries occurred. Filiaga and Becton are one in the same in terms of readiness in my view. I’ll confirm with Harbaugh though


Some comments from both sides:

“Really, really want them both. And I think Becton has tremendous upside. But I also went with Gay… every expert and quasi-expert I’ve read in the past several months—whether a national analyst, a Michigan analyst, or even a UM rival’s analyst—has arrived at the consensus that Gay projects to be special. At this point, I’m sold.”

“It seems pretty clear to me, however, that when all the services do their final post-all star games rankings updates, he will be a unanimous Top 100 guy. And it sounds like at least a few places may be contemplating a 5th star for him.”

“Willie Gay was the best player (to me) on the field at the Alabama-Mississippi All Star game a few weeks back. Look at the rosters of that game. That is a hell of an accomplishment to stand out like that. Elite player who will surely rise in the final rankings to be possibly a top 50 player in the country.”

“Willie Gay…need elite speed on defense as much as possible.”

“Easily Willie Gay. A LB with coverage skills & speed and gives Michigan an insane haul at LB for 17.”

“Gay is the better player but Becton is a bigger need in my mind. I am extremely comfortable calling it a day with Ross, Singleton, Anthony and Mason as LB class. Gay would be a luxury not a need.
UofM planned on taking 15 Lineman(D and O combined) as of right with 7 on both sides and the best available as the 15th. They have Filiaga, Ruiz, Hall, Stueber, Honigford, and Kai-Leon Herbert. Even if they got Becton they will probably lose KLH leaving them 1 short of the desired amount. If they didn’t get Becton they would have a 5 man class when they wanted 7.”

Actually it looks like only one Becton voter commented.


I can assure you that most would disagree with this opinion.


Perhaps, but the vast majority of actual on field experiments do agree.