Michigan FOOTBALL Moving Forward


“+/- is exactly what it seems like as a heading system from watching film as a journalist.
0 is basically doing your job. For OL pull or trap or get to a spot and wall off a defender.
+1 is blowing a guy up at the point of attack.
+2 is get a destructive chip, then destroy a 2nd level defender.
-1 go the wrong way or pushed back into the play
-2 guy shows blitz in your gap, you go somewhere else and he turns devin gardner into a shell of himself.” - @Boards

Which of that do you disagree with? I’m not familiar with how the +/- system works.


Have to agree here based on depth, assuming we can get one, but not ideal. But on the bright side one of those guys (assuming we get one) will get valuable snaps for 2018 when we’ll be a threat for CFP


That’s what were saying. I don’t know why you argued with me about it.


Possibly, but not necessarily. There are typically 2-3 DTs in a given year that play well at a high major level. This year Ed Oliver and Dexter Lawrence were monsters. Those guys were both consensus top-10 recruits, so it’s unrealistic to expect that type of impact. But like OLs, the top few DTs are typically pretty decent off the bat.


I hope the possible comes to fruition!


Agree. He has the pocket presence of a seasoned vet. I think he has a pretty high ceiling.


Michigan fans to be happy (for the most part) with Rivals updated rankings coming out next week per Brandon Brown.

The speculation is:
Luigi Villain rising a lot
Tarik Black rising
Anthony keeping his 5*
Ruiz earning a 5*
Filiaga dropping a bit


4 star OL Penn state committ CJ Thorpe taking an official visit to Michigan next weekend.


Hmm. A guard. Wonder what this means regarding the tumors regarding a potential decommit from Herbert


Herbert’s gone. I think it’s just a matter of the services waiting for him to re-announce his new pick before they update his pages.


Top 100 player on Rivals


Might need someone to step in on the Oline and contribute immediately since it appears Filiaga was a bit overrated.

I kid, I kid


I’m not much of a CB guy but 2 CBs for Solomon to M from UGA contributors can’t be a bad thing.


Mich is still in the thick of it


Harbaugh just did an in home visit yesterday where he brought his daughter, Don Brown, and Partridge that involved bowling, go-kart racing, and helping the youngest Solomon sibling with a school project. Afterwards his mom said, “He brought his daughter and it was the best visit ever.”

In other news, 4 star linebacker Ellis Brooks is taking an official here on Jan 27. 325 on the composite.


Harbaugh is apparently about to pull a Harbaugh later this week. Something "wow"ing is going to be announced.


Another snippet from mgoblog on that debate we had earlier: “Solomon is obviously the top target left on Michigan’s board and would almost certainly be in the two deep as a freshman.”


Things have been trending better for him the past few days.

Also, things are trending well for Oliver Martin. I think he is a good compliment to DPJ and Black.


I think Martin is at the expense of Collins though, which sucks that we could miss out on him.


Better one of them than neither of them IMO.

It sounds like the staff would be willing to take both if both wanted to come.