Michigan earns No. 2 seed, will face Montana in Des Moines

I think they just had it all drawn up before our game ended and were sure we weren’t going to blow it a third time.

There are no sure things, but I am glad to avoid UNC, Tennessee, Ky, Duke, Virginia, Murray State, and Wofford in this part of our bracket all for different reasons.

Gonzaga has a very good team, but I wouldnt pencil them in as a lock for the Elite 8.

Would be interesting to see if we see State again in the Final Four. That would feel like a Michigan ‘89 opportunity, finally vanquishing Illinois’ Flyin’ Illini…

I like our odds for a deep run. The team has really good pedigree. Just needs to minimize scoring droughts and avoid a team like MSU that is great at creating 5 on 4 defensive matchups off ball screen action, which very few can do consistently in college hoops.


Any reports of the day or time of our game?

I don’t like a potential matchup with Florida. They’re very similar to UM defensively. Not as good of course, but good enough to give us problems when our offense inevitably becomes stagnant and struggles to score.

We’re Thursday/Saturday, times TBA

Posted this on MGoBlog:

Interesting to compare Montana from last year to this year.

Much worse on KenPom and Torvik (72nd, 89th respectively in 2018 compared to 137th on both this year). The big reason is their defense cratering from 56/69 to 161/167 this year. They did go from an awful 3 point shooting team last year (235th) to a great one (20th), but they only take 38% of their shots from deep.

They played 7 guys against us last year. All of them except for 1 are back (Fabijan Krslovic, a 6-8 big who played 34 minutes). This year they have 8 guys laying 20% of minutes or more, the 6 returning players plus two Pac-12 transfers who each play less than 50% of minutes. It seems like they’re without Jamar Akoh for the season however, who played 22 minutes last year. Akoh is 6-8 who is Montana’s highest Usage and ORTG player to Torvik.


It’l l be like us against Minnesota or Iowa. We only collapse down the stretch against the Spartans.

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When do they typically announce the gametimes?

Last game of the night on Thursday.

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Have they announced Saturday yet?

I think last year we had the same exact time slot and the R32 game against Houston was the last of the day as well.

Not until Thursday night.

I agree.

Thats how I am kind of feeling with this team at this juncture.

I feel the offense is technically back, as we saw in the first 2 BTT games. MSU is just a nemesis overall.

Deep down in my gut, I dont feel many other sides can beat us if foul trouble amd refereeing is in check, but I will be candid and say there are no sure things in the NCAAs.

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I’m sure this isn’t taken into consideration at all but it sucks that for a second straight year Michigan’s first game is literally the last of the day.

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I do worry that we lack a real go-to guy. Last year that was Wagner or MAAR. Simpson has the mentality of one but doesn’t have the outside shot to really fill that role. Matthews doesn’t mind taking big shots but is inconsistent. I’ve been hoping Poole could grow into that role but it hasn’t happened yet.

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If we can just get out of the second round I think Michigan goes final 4. That’s the toughest 7/10 by far imo. The rest is not so bad for us but that is the matchup I’m very worried about. Both will be very tough.

Tech is tough too but in the Sweet 16 usually you play someone tough.

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Matthews 6-21 in BTT.

Oh great, 9.5 hours after I arrive at the bar. I should handle that well.


Really need him to get back to getting to the rim/ getting put backs and on the break.

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Anyone wondrvwhy the last couple clubs don’t Fast break more? This team imo should be lethal on the break. With our lack of shooting I think I’d take my chances pushing it more , even with increase in turnovers. Too late in the year to change up. I guess I just really thought we’d be better on offense and I am looking for answers. I stand by it not being the shooting, but instead the decision making and poor execution.