Michigan determined to shoot through offensive funk


The team is spending more time on D in practice, but that’s less time to spend on offense. And playing hard D is exhausting–Beilein noted that for Teske to go from “weight-lifting” on one end to the fine motor skills involved in shooting is a challenge when he works so hard. I really wonder whether a little of the fall-off on offense doesn’t owe to this; in a way it almost has to. Wish someone would ask Beilein about this, whether he has any misgivings, how he thinks about the balance. (I know, I know, I wondered about this last year; still seems very legitimate to me.)

Niyo at the Detroit News, who is thoughtful, sees Jordan as the key going forward where scoring is concerned. If it comes down to a single player he could be right–a couple more buckets from Poole in any of these games and we are less concerned about the offense. Both of his transition buckets yesterday were a thing of beauty. Maybe the threat to take it to the hoop buys him a little more space here down the road? He’s often been open, though. . .

Did you read the article you are commenting on? Rian also talked about Poole in there quite a bit in the scope of Michigan’s offense.

Yes, I usually try to read articles that I comment on! Missing your point, and not sure who Rian is? Maybe you’re alluding to the fact that Niyo thinks it’s about “finding his form”?

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These are comments on the article (on this site) that is linked in the first post. I was noting that your comment on the article seemed to be about another article (that you didn’t link).

3 point shooting is biggest area for improvement and it seems doable. Nobody shooting well from 3, although X may be on a 4in a row streak. Poole, Teske, Livers, and Brazdeikis all better than they showed yesterday. Maybe DeJulius will provide a boost, and maybe Brooks will rediscover his confidence. As often pointed out; making open shots cures a lot of ills.

Rian is the person who wrote the article on which you are currently commenting. I think Dylan was trying to subtlety point out the humor in you referencing points in another person’s article that were similarly made in this very UMHoops.com article.


Gotcha. I’m sure the piece here breaks it down better than Niyo did in what amounted to little more than an aside. . .

I’m often one of the “argggghhh stop shooting” people in game threads, but when taking a step back I agree that guys like Teske and Simpson have to keep it up.

That is a really solid perspective article. During a given game, I sometimes find myself thinking that this isn’t the shot we want from that player, even though it’s often in the flow of the offence. Then, I remember that taking open shots is what this offence is all about; that its overall effectiveness relies on everyone being a threat, and that’s what opens up cuts etc. from other players. If you aren’t going to shoot, you aren’t going to play.


Good points…Brooks will never score if he doesn’t shoot the ball.