Michigan-CMU Post-Game Thoughts


Maui wasn’t my point, nor was our record on neutral courts. I’m talking about Texas in particular, and UNC too. What’s Beilein’s record in true road games against quality NC opponents? You went to all the trouble of compiling his record on neutral courts, instead of addressing that directly.


I addressed your point and made others. Indeed, I went to the trouble of listing the road wins and losses – more than you did. I’ll leave it to you to add up the tally (I think I left off an SMU road loss you can added to the L column). Enjoy your day.


Well, this was UCLA’s first game since the suspensions, so it’s probably not the best measure. And it bears repeating, we struggled mightily against a directional Michigan, and didn’t look that great for most of the game against North Florida.

No, this is not going to be a great UCLA team when we play them, but it’s far from certain that we’ll be better. And the Catch-22 is that the worse they are, the less of a quality win it would be for us.


I do not think we struggled mightily against CMU. I think we missed a lot of very good looking shots. CMU isn’t too bad, they shot well, and still lossed. Sounds like a victory to me.


Yeah, maybe the international embarrassment will be enough to make the punishment longer. And that Lonzo’s brother isn’t as good (and the little brother may not qualify as an amateur for the NCAA).


So I’m not sure what your point is then? It’s that Michigan isn’t good enough to be favored over a top 25 team which may hurt their resume?
Or you’re worried that it won’t come together til later in the season?


Yeah, I’m really confused as to why an argument is going on about games that haven’t been played yet (At least I think so, like you said, his point is unclear), including computer projections for how likely we are to win those games, especially when we’re a whopping 2 games into the season… If we go and get clobbered in them then sure, complain. But we haven’t even faced them yet. You cannot be mad about losing games we haven’t played.


Apparently, it’s never too early for doom and gloom.

Now to find my short list of replacement coaches… :smiley:


Donnie Tyndall or bust :wink:


Nice! There’s actually a >0% chance he could be watching tonight’s game…


It can actually be both. CMU is 247 on Ken Pom…that’s pretty bad. But we trailed to them at home as late as the 2nd TO of the second half, and the game wasn’t really in the bag until about 4 minutes to go. I’d call that a struggle and a win.


Where did I say I was mad? Here’s a hint…I didn’t. And seriously…you’re saying we shouldn’t be talking about what’s going to happen in games we haven’t played yet? In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s a big part of what happens here. I’m giving my opinion on how I think this team is likely to progress and what I think is likely to happen in future games. You’re free to disagree. That’s what happens here.


Ah man, forgot how fun this place can be during the season. Michigan hasn’t even lost a game yet.


I think those of us who were here last season have learned a lesson or two about declaring the apocalypse too early, although I must say, doing it before we’ve even lost a game seems like an interesting strategy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s a long season and my favorite saying in college hoops is that things are never as good or bad as they seem after any one game. Last year’s OSU theory was a real test for that theory but proved to be correct.


Hey, Inmycourt May have just saved us money on road trips to Austin and Chapel Hill. I say take the L’s now and save the effort.


When the king asked for a phrase to guide him in good times and bad his advisor told him: “this too shall pass”

Or something like that.


So now predicting we’re likely to be the underdog in a few of our upcoming games=declaring the apocalypse? LMAO. Hyperbole much?

Any time you’d like to tell the truth about what I’ve said, feel free.


I am not a fan of hostility for the sake of hostility. I certainly used to struggle with that. Regardless, it seems quite reasonable to let the games play out rather than argue over what percent chance ESPN gives us against UNC, Texas, etc.


Couldn’t resist.