Michigan Big Men

Random thoughts here…

Teske/Davis = Donnal/Doyle ?

It takes longer for bigs to develop their game, why not keep Bielfeldt ?, why no redshirt year for Donnal ?

With Mo, Donnal, Doyle will both Teske/Davis be redshirted ?

Is the ideal situation for UofM offensive system 3 bigs all playing and sharing time ?

If U of M would have kept Bielfeldt, doesn’t that mean they wouldn’t of had room for Wagner?? How many people would have taken 1 year of Bielfeldt over a possible 4 years of Wagner?

We had one extra scholarship so we could have had both

Thanks, I was wondering about that. Certainly would have taken both then!!

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I think we’ve over corrected.

We went for like 6 years with Peedi and Morgan (6’8" undersized Centers).
With little depth over 6’8" behind them.

Now we’re looking at 6 guys for the 5 spot. And none are of the Peedi/Morgan variety. Weird.

Beilfeldt 5pt(3 for 3), 4 reb, 1 assist in the first half against Ky, hmmm

John Beilien will never get a respectable big man Coach/Recruiter if he does not allow that coach to target offer and evaluate his own recruits. You can’t make sugar out of Sh!+.

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This article in today’s DetNews suggests it’s Davis, not Teske, who may contribute right away. (Warning to the doubters–very positive, very upbeat about the future):

Look at the rag then you know why

I was referring to Davis contributing right away.

Yeah, the analysis in the article did not match up with how our season went IMO. I do think we’ll be better next season. “Big things”? Depends on what someone’s definition of big things are.

I think we could be good. there’s a lot more potential here then people are giving us.


Sly, we do not defend. We will not be a good team because of this.

It’s a cultural thing that cannot be fixed in one off season without one of two things happening; roster over haul or regime change.

Neither are happening this off season.

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Either Davis or Teske will have to red-shirt.

John Beilien Says we don’t foul in reality he means we don’t play good D.

I’m willing to bet we are a top 25 team next year. Also we showed flashes of d late in the year. But yes our do will be poor but I think our offense will step up big time with improvement. Mainly Wagner. There is potential for improvement in many areas. I like us as 5-7 seed next year

I hope you’re right.

Be in the top 25 in certain points of the year I agree, be a top 25 team, I hope so and am optimistic but I do not think it will be true.

We got rid of Bielfeldt due to the possibility of Jaylen Brown. Obviously it didn’t work out in the end, but given what Sam Webb has said, the interest was real and it was a risk worth taking.

Okay, I’ve got a big man question–maybe it shows I’ve been wrong, or the limits of my hoop knowledge. My sense is that we have never been in the hunt for a traditional big man, but for a guy who can run the pick and roll, shoot from outside, and roll to the basket and score.

But maybe I’m naive? Is it possible that there are guys who can dunk it, play in the low post AND run Beilein’s offense? Or are these just very different body types and players? I mean, are there guys who could fulfill the demands of the critics here and still thrive in Beilein’s offense?

Maybe I’m answering my own question; probably are some guys like this, just not too many of them? Was McGary about as close as we’ll come in our natural lifetimes? Still pisses me off we didn’t have him for another year, because he was a uniquely creative player who–in retrospect–may not be destined to excel in the NBA, but could have given us all a lot of pleasure to watch for another year in an M uni.

My 2 cents…JB wants a big that can shoot the 3. When he gets that then the offense really, really hard to defend.

Mo Wagner…I read this and now I know why they recruited 2 bigs…there is a chance that Mo stays in Europe next year.

“Wagner said he wasn’t sure if he would stay in Ann Arbor for spring term or return to Germany, but he’s looking forward to next season already, saying there’s “no doubt” he’ll be back.”