Michigan at Purdue Discussion Thread


Purdue is playing really well right now. Small comfort, but we are the only team to be within 12 of Purdue in their last 12 games, and we have the closest losses in their 16-game winning streak. We have the two highest ppp against them on the season. While they’ve scored a ton against us, the first game we played against them was their third worst ppp in the last 9 and their 2pt% was their third worst on the year. We sadly lost two close ones. maybe because of bad luck or maybe because they “made the plays” and have more seniors/clutch play late and better FT shooting, whatever.

It’s easy to talk about the offense, but mostly this is about the defense. We just couldn’t stop them. They did get a few buckets that were just too easy but they also made a bunch of tough shots and executed well. I would’ve liked to see us front Haas, maybe have Wagner flop a little more – I know that’s kinda weak, but they let a guy that big bang so much and yet call fouls when Wagner puts his arm on him, I think it might’ve put some pressure on the refs.

We did have a few ill-timed TOs, and those from Matthews and Simpsons’s FT shooting puts us in trouble late. Wagner had a couple too and I felt like he didn’t pick the right situations to be aggressive on the dribble vs shooting the 3 vs resetting the offense. But, again, pretty hard to complain too much about the O overall.

Going forward, I’d like to think it’s a sign that the team is pretty good and the Nebraska game was mostly an outlier. The schedule is fairly manageable going forward, especially the next few games, so hopefully we can get some wins and on a nice little role heading into the tough stretch at the end. 11-7 still seems like the baseline, but 12-6 seems fairly doable for this team.


Teams that score 1.3 PPP or better are 209-1 in college basketball this year (h/t @totally_t_bomb’s site). Michigan is the 1. Wolverines scored 1.35 PPP at Purdue and lost last night.


That’s an insane stat and unfortunate to see.


Here’s another fun stat from Torvik’s twitter:


I really wanted to see us front Haas and Wagner flop a bit more too, but those two trips on consecutive plays where we were driving to the hoop just stand out as an indication of what calls we were getting vs what calls Purdue was getting last night. I am not sure that we would have gotten benefit of the doubt to pick up many charges. Wagner did flop once for us against Hass but cant see us getting that call often last night


Yeah, I hear you. Still might’ve been worth a couple more shots. One thing about fronting too is often the post players will extend their arms to create space, which sometimes refs are more willing to call than when they just bang you backwards. Gotta give credit to Haas though for being so active and good at getting position and sealing without obvious fouls.


I would like to have tried fronting Haas as well, but more than that, I would overplay him shooting over his left shoulder. I’m happy with him scoring 40 if he does it facing up or going over his right shoulder. Under no circumstance would I let turn right. Never. Ever. It’s simple, smart defense, and it’s entirely doable. Haas does not have the quickness to beat anyone going to his right if he’s overplayed.


Honestly I had no issues at all with their defense on Haas. It’s asking too much for Moe to muscle him out further or to force him to his left, because most likely that would result in a foul called attempting to do that.

Haas’s game last night didn’t bother me one bit. It’s efficient, yet boring and dull to keep feeding the post and having him score. It kept the crowd out of it for the most part. The crowd got going on the cutting dunks and made 3s.

I still think it came down to giving up too many 3 point attempts to Purdue. They made some tough shots (again) at times, but could’ve been avoided with a better hand in their face or playing them closer.

Also, I don’t know if it was happening naturally or by design, but I loved setting the 5-1 screen near midcourt. MAAR and Zavier were allowed to get going downhill and that was creating some cleaner looks to the basket.



Haas went left ONCE the entire game and it resulted in an air ball. I don’t deny he’s a load and difficult to defend, but you cannot allow him to go right. It’s pathetic Michigan forced Haas left only once with his lack of foot speed.


Carsen Edwards is very good. Very good but dang he’s no going to make those shots all the time. I don’t think he’s that good. Maybe he is.

Despite the ill advised layup attempts, Simpson is one heckuva player. He does so many things well. His vision and ability to deliver the basketball is elite. Hence the high assist to turnover ratio.

I’d be willing to wager Livers has one of the highest basketball IQ’s on the team. Matthews not so much


IMO , Matthews biggest problem is that he dribbles so soft and slow. He really needs to learn to pound his dribble but maybe he just has below average hands? Or, the other option is that JB reduces his ball handling responsibilities.


Tough call on Matthews for Coach Beilein. Clearly most physically talented, but his shot has been bad, ball handling erratic, and he throws the ball away too often. Seems like M is willing to go through the growing pains because the upside is appealing


He definitely brings a lot to the table, as is. I wonder how much he will be able to fix his handle, moving forward.


Still a bit clumsy with his hands. He needs to spend the Summer dribbling the ball 24/7.


These are some of the same issues and questions that Zak Irvin had about his game. He got better every year although he would still have the occasional ball handling blunder. Zavier and Matthews if he stays that long will be unguardable seniors and dominate BIG players in my opinion.


Improvement is to be expected, however, I am not sure Michigan will need CM to have as many ball handling responsibilities in the future. In terms of potential I am not convinced CM is going to be better ball handler than Livers and Johns next year. Certainly he is not going to be a better ball handler than Poole and Iggy next year.


After watching that Purdue game I kept thinking " damn z is really a problem for teams. He’s even better than I hoped for out if high school." His ft is all mental imo. Hope he can fix it. Everything else he pretty much does good to very good. He’s a great qb and him stepping up has made this team legit contenders imo ( Poole too) I don’t think I’ve ever been so confident but Michigans program going forward. They will be winning for years to come. Also upperclassmen z is gonna be a beast.