Michigan at Purdue Discussion Thread


Maybe but that a pretty weak foul and a pretty quick hook. Honestly… I just feel like the dude has been pretty unlucky.

Edit: completely agree that it changed the game though


Maybe I’m a little harsh saying he can’t play at this level. But I’d sure rather someone else get the chance against the top competition. He has a trillion with 3 turnovers right now.

There’s two stretches in this game that stand out as immediate Purdue runs. Duncan’s first half stint and Simmons’ 45 seconds in the 2nd half


If MAAR has the alpha mentality like he did tonight, this loss may end up being a win in the long run.

No he’s not going to fill it up like this but he played like the man make or miss. Hope he carries that mindset into Monday.


MAAR, Poole, Matthews, Livers, Wagner is such an obvious thing to try I can’t believe we didn’t give it a shot with MAAR rocking like he was tonight.


Also Painter and Vince Edwards looking SHOCKED that we fouled down 5 with a few seconds left infuriated me. Hope we see these guys in the big ten tournament


They’re still my upset special in the second round or sweet sixteen


Can anyone give me a basic recap? I could only get back for the stretch when we were down 3. Very very disappointing to see us just start turning it over carelessly - couple unforced turnovers. That Matthews “entry” pass is one of the worst passes I’ve seen all year, lol. Seems like a lot to be encouraged by, though? I’m really impressed with this team just on the result, I think? Team’s got some moxie, no?


Probably MAAR’s best game of his career. Disappointing that he’s probably the only starter who didn’t make me want to throw something at my TV multiple times. Just sucks that it was within our reach and thrown away by dumb plays by two third year guys. Not that we’d win if they didn’t make their mistakes, but we definitely would’ve had a better shot.

I still don’t get Z driving twice down 5 with 20 seconds left against one of the best free throw shooting lineups around. If Beilein told him to do that I think it was a mistake.


Charles really imploded down the stretch. All the way down to blowing the 2-1. He’s way too talented to do some of the things he does, but one hopes getting that stuff right will be what next year is for.


MAAR’s best game of his career by far. Remember the first half of the UCLA game last year where neither team could miss a shot? That was basically the 2nd half tonight. Both teams were unconscious for 10+ minutes and the lead changed over 20 times. Simmons checked in and turned it over then immediately got whistled for an illegal screen and Purdue opened it up to about 6 or 7 and we just couldn’t make up the ground.

Lots to like about our effort and grit. Purdue gave us every chance to crumble and we hung in there. Matthews was quiet overall but still finished with 10, 6 and 4. There’s a ton to like going forward and just a few rotational kinks to work out. Backup point guard was still a huge problem and Poole was his typical HIGH highs and LOW lows.

If Purdue’s gonna make over 50% from three every game I don’t know who’s going to beat them this year. They are tough as nails.


MSU for sure in Breslin. Ward will bang with Haas and MSU can match up with their guards.


M will be favored in all their remaining B1G games. Let’s pile up some Ws!


We shot 60% overall and 13/23 from three. I don’t think we can do any better. That was against one of the best defensive teams in the country. We had a few too many careless TO’s but my god, we would have had to play perfect basketball to beat them. They are really really good.

Despite our fairly impressive defensive stats, I wouldn’t call us a strong defensive team. We had no answer for them. I don’t know how you defend them though if Haas can’t be stopped one on one. Their shooters are lights out. Haas also had some really good passes too.

We have played our best ball against top teams now twice vs Purdue and at MSU. That’s a good sign. We haven’t played that great against the rest of the Big 10 though so hopefully we will be able to play at a high level the rest of the way.


I like MSU as a national championship contender a lot more but man I think Carsen Edwards is just going to eat Cassius Winston alive


Purdue is going to need him to if they want to win that game.

Man how about Jackson vs Edwards at the 4 though? That’ll be a fun matchup to watch.


Absolutely I’m so excited for that game…it’s crazy how down the big ten is but you honestly could make an argument that the best two teams in the country are Purdue and Michigan State.


Here’s what’s crazy about this team in my opinion. We still have absolutely no idea what to expect from any player night in and night out. One guy steps up one night and another the next.

Through all that, they’re still performing well this year as a TEAM.

Maybe I’m too optimistic but I think in the very near future we see MAAR get going more. I liked his two man game with Moe tonight.


You know one of them probably wins it all haha. The worst year in a while for the Big Ten and a Big Ten team ends the championship drought.


Positive take: if we play with that effort down the stretch then we’re probably 13-5 in the B1G.


Just so salty that both of our performances against Purdue would’ve been good enough to beat any team other than Purdue. Im basically more frustrated about their immaculate execution, than I am frustrated about our own mistakes and lapses.

Yeah, we missed chances to make some winning plays, and Matthews had some real head-scratchers, and we missed a couple of easy layups. But we also played sooo well, definitely well enough to beat a Purdue that isn’t functioning at 120%. Ugh.