Michigan at Ohio State Discussion


I interpreted AW’s tweet as just meaning it is obvious to AW that Poole should be getting more minutes and Duncan should be getting less minutes based upon the things we have been seeing on the court. It was just AW’s roundabout way of stating his opinion that he likes what he is seeing from Poole better than what he has seen from Robinson. He then goes On to further imply that he doubts Robinson is performing better in practice, in pickup games, in warm ups…In anything basketball related Poole is beating Robinson, he believes. Strong endorsement.


Reason Watson played the 2 is probably as simple as he knows the position, whereas Poole does not. Pretty apparent to my eyes Poole is the starter at 2 next year, if it’s a question of Poole or Watson.


Haha, where did he say all of that? I see one tweet that is confused about why Watson played over Poole. Judging by what Beilein said in the presser after the OSU game, the fact that Watson played before Poole was because Poole knows the 3 and Watson knows the 2 and the 3.


My bad. I read “Watson” and translated it into “Robinson” somehow :slight_smile: oops