Michigan at Nebraska Discussion Thread


True, but even then have you ever heard Beilein get up on the podium and say something that blatantly wrong about a team? Just strange to me.


Has Nebraska faced a lot of zone this year or had trouble when they did play against zone?


18.5% of possessions, but they’ve been more effective against zones than m2m. I’d have to go back and watch certain games to see if they’ve struggled in certain spots.


Roy Williams thought Michigan was going to work in some zone as well. While it didn’t seem to help in that particular game, I generally like it when other teams feel like they have to spend some practice time on things that Michigan may or may not do.

Coaches are funny. In Miles’ case, maybe he’s thinking back to a game where Michigan did switch to a zone for a stretch and it bit Nebraska. After that, it wouldn’t matter if Michigan played any zone in any other game leading up to the next Nebraska game or not, Miles might still prepare his team for it so his team doesn’t get bit again.


It’s interesting that, as Dylan points out, Nebraska has seemed like a good match-up for UM. My worry is that much of what we’re good at on defense (preventing offensive rebounds, 3s, and transition opportunities) isn’t what they emphasize, while getting to the line is what they’re good at and is something we’ve been fair at preventing. I’d say the number one thing defensively is not putting them (and especially Palmer) on the line.

Conversely, what they’re worst at on D is preventing offensive rebounds, something we’re lousy at. So will we take advantage? Or be able to overcome some of their strengths? I think they’ve been better at taking away the 3 than they have been in past years.

And they’ll be fired up for a number of reasons. I’ll be impressed if UM can win this one. The good news, though, is that it doesn’t seem like they have the offensive firepower to put up huge runs or run away and hide, so if UM can play smart and have a couple offensive bursts, the team should be in good or at least decent position late in the game.


Only that every opponent is as good as Bill Walton’s UCLA teams.

Miles seemed pretty familiar with UM, running down pretty much the entire rotation. Maybe it’s gamesmanship? Just communicating that they’re ready for anything?


LOL. Now that is fair :slight_smile: But at least he usually praises the right area of the game. Just exaggerates how great they are.

Not trying to say it is a big deal or anything, just caught my ear.


I get it – and it’s weird how often opposing coaches seem to drop it in. Maybe once JB became known for the zone, other coaches don’t really believe the stats no matter how clear they seem to be. He’s even happily joked about it.


I feel that this game will be more difficult to win than the Maryland game. But then, I thought we would beat Purdue and get thumped by Sparty, so what do I know.


Yeah, I’m already preparing myself to not be let down with a loss. It’s flat out gonna happen at some point to a non-top 3 team and Nebraska isn’t an awful team. No losses outside the top 100 and a five top 100 wins.


Looks like Las Vegas likes Michigan tonight. Wolverines opened as a 3.5 point favorite and have moved up to a 5.5 point favorite.


I really like this matchup for our defense. Although at this point I just assume Watson will go 4-4 from 3 or one of their wings will hit a couple crazy shots. Livers and Wagner hitting the offensive boards is hugely important, so long as our transition defense is unaffected. If we can turn this into a halfcourt battle, I like our chances in an ugly game.



Be very leery of laying 5.5 tonight.


This is the rarest of games where we want to do some work down low, no?

If I’m the Nebraska D, at least part of what I’m wondering is if, say, Roby, can check Wagner in the block, and if anyone can contest Teske down there.

I haven’t watched a lot of Nebraska, but from what I saw, it doesn’t seem like they can defend the low block at all.


Think you could be right. From my limited views of Nebraska this year and Dylan’s preview, it doesn’t seem like they play a traditional big. Instead they have a bunch of lengthy, 4-type players that can be interchangeable. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them switching a lot of stuff.

Michigan has struggled at times with teams that switch a lot of action. If Nebraska does do that, i would think Wagner/teske would have better luck attacking the switch on the block rather than say Simpson or rahk trying to take a roby or copeland off the dribble.

No matter what, Michigan is going to have to make their twos and free throws in this game. Nebraska has been good at defending the three point line and it has to be a big point of emphasis for them tonight considering the game last year.


Overall, that seems right on. Because the thing is that their lengthy 4 type players really seem incapable of defending a determined big in the blocks. I mean, Roby can kind of defend you if you let him, but he’s so light in the withers, that you should be able to impose your will.


I don’t think so. Moe hasn’t been great posting up compared to other areas. Nebraska blocks a lot of shots. Think you have to work the PNR and see what they leave open. Rarely is the best option for Michigan to just throw it into the post IMO. I’m worried about Wagner defending a bit in this game though.


We’ll see. Seemed like they had difficulty even guarding Illinois in the post. Definitely feels like a game where if you could speed Teske up a year he’d have a field day against that lineup. Of course, you can’t speed him up a year, so you may well be right!

(I do wonder if their blocks aren’t much more on one on one drives not from the block - they are long, but I get what you’re saying about Moe)