Michigan at Nebraska Discussion Thread


I was using the barttovik numbers which like Michigan a bit more, but it’s similar. So kenpom gives a 61% chance of the winning the 3 home games. (And we’ve had pretty good success against PU, so who knows…)

There’s a much greater probability of winning the games than this…


PU, MSU, and OSU only play each other once, which makes winning the B1G even harder for us. I like your formula though.


You have much greater faith than I in our fanbase


Ha, I think we’re in agreement over how likely it is to avoid a freak out if there’s an upset loss.


Looking at Torvik’s stuff, it looks like their two leading scorers are pretty inefficient - Watson horribly so, just an awful shooter. Palmer seems to get by on getting to the line.

The have a 6’8” guy off the bench (Anton Gill) who is a fifth year senior who nailing threes all over, but really never had prior to this year. He was a Louisville washout.


Could we figure this out, using that B1G tourny seeding tool that someone posted earlier (I dont remember which thread or how to find it)?





Have us losing just one more game, by my read. Agree with those who say some randomness asserts itself somewhere, but this is a team with really nice set of complementary players/assets. Would just love if the whole team got very hot from three and blew some people out so the players get a glimpse of their ceiling.


Purdue on the road is certainly a challenge, but 17% seems a little low after the way last week’s game went. We’ll see.


Theres still way too many road games for me to say well only lose once more. Or even twice.



Hes such a good dude.


Very interesting take on Michigan and scholarship reduction.
Sounds like Nebraska has this game circled on the calendar.


Very candid guy. I like listening to what he has to say.


Tim Miles is my favorite big ten coach not named John Beilein


We beat them 93-57 there last year; had to look that up.


Love Miles for his personality, but it boggles my mind when a coach says that they expect Michigan to play some zone defense. Michigan has played 1295 possessions of man-to-man. 21 possessions of zone.

Now maybe they do bust something out, but you hear coaches say this all the time like Michigan is a team that changes up defenses like Illinois or something.

Just find it strange.


It’s also one thing when it comes from a coach during the NCAA tourney who hasn’t seen them much, but this dude is in their conference.