Michigan announces Matt Aldred as Strength and Conditioning coach

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Gonna need to see a shirtless pic before I give this hire a grade


he should spell it honoured

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Yes! New data that he is English. Now I’m totally on board.

did not realize this until you said it. that’s gonna be great. everyone who said we should hire english during the end of last season is now realizing they should’ve been more specific


cheeky little hire innit


My cousin is a basketball manager at Furman, the intel of course had a shirtless progress pic


If you don’t do the shirtless progress pic, are you even a real S&C coach?!?!?


When are the progress pics going to include calves though

Mike White tree!

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Do we know when all the players will get to Ann Arbor? I put it here since most of summer will be with Matt.

I believe late May/early June is the goal.

Summer term runs from June 28th through August 16th. That’s usually the “everyone” part of the summer.

Aldred has been posting Will Tschetter running the stairs at the big house a bunch


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Xavier Simpson and Will Tschetter wasn’t a duo I was expecting :rofl:


Shhh! It’s Yavier now, and since there’s no record of a Yavier Simpson having played in any NCAA games, unlike Xavier and Zavier, he’s got full eligibility.

Which just speaks to the importance of long-term planning and thinking ahead. The proper sequence should have been Xavier, Yavier, Zavier. But at this point it’s better to look forward than to look back.

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