Michigan announces four additions to coaching staff

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Cool to see Jaaron Simmons get a grad position.


Seconded. Glad to see him returning to finish up his master’s. The social work program here is excellent and he has always spoken very passionately about that being a driving force behind him grad transferring here in the first place.


Important to note that, as of now, this is the exact same staff configuration that John Beilein had. I know some people had been asking about some sort of jumbo support staff.

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Can Simmons participate in practice? They need bodies and he’s obviously better than the walk-ons.

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Really glad to see Jay Smith is back, reinforces the head coaching experience to make up for Juwan’s lack of college coaching experience. We know he is a class act.

Assume that will be it for the staff? Any idea what Smith’s role hasn’t done in the past?

Here’s the job description.

I always liked Jay Smith as an asst coach. Very happy he will be contributing.Also very happy for Jaaron Simmons.


I’m actually not sure on the rules there.

They are not allowed to scrimmage or play with the team during practice. Strictly limited to coaching activities

The position Simmons was hired is GRAD MGR and not Grad Asst Coach. I believe team mgrs can participate with practice maybe Jaaron can also.

Team managers can not participate in practice besides being essentially “Practice Dummies”. Cannot do any live ball play, scrimmages, or tactical work.