Michigan announces 2022-23 non-conference schedule

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Set the O/U at 8.5?

Looks like 11-0.


Crisler wasn’t big enough to host the Emoni Circus??


I like this schedule a lot either easy home games (outside of Big Ten/ACC) or challenging neutral court games. Prepares us for March resume and gameplay wise

Is it too much to ask for M to schedule at least 1 interesting non-conference opponent at home? That’s cool that we’re playing good teams, but it’d be a lot cooler if we could actually go to the game. It’s no wonder the home crowd in Ann Arbor is so sleepy in November/December and the start of January. I chalk up last year’s Minnesota loss to the building being lifeless, and the team’s play matching that energy. Smh


Virginia is interesting, no? They should be preseason top 25.

Maybe not the most exciting team obviously, but a quality foe. Reality is that I don’t think U-M has ever really drawn well for B10/ACC other than maybe UNC.


I wish there were fewer neutrals and a true road (although UNC in Charlotte ain’t gonna be 50/50!), but overall I like the schedule.

I have to agree. Virginia is OK, but I really long for a more attractive home schedule. Take just one of those neutral site games and make them a home game and I’m feeling much better about making the 90 minute drive to Crisler.

I don’t completely disagree, schedule reactions and takeaways story coming soon here.

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I think it’s about as perfect a schedule as you can get


Emoni @ LCA :eyes::eyes::eyes: I will be there guaranteed

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For sure, Virginia is a decent one. But arguably the Athletic Department didn’t even schedule that game, ESPN did. I’d just like them to make quality non-con home/aways a bigger priority than neutral site games. Easier said than done I suppose.

At least our preseason tourney is in Brooklyn where it’ll be packed with M fans; and a game at LCA is an almost home game.

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Those Duke and UCLA home games back in the day seemed to get Crisler rocking

Yeah, big difference between a Saturday afternoon game in December and an ACC/B10 weekday game as far as turnout.

I agree that not scheduling home-and-homes is a bit of a frustrating trend.

Honestly those games you mentioned really put Beilein-era Michigan on the map. Those were great.

I don’t even really care if we go all in on a crazy game against a top-10 team. Let’s just get some interesting games against teams people might want to see.


Winner gets Kante?

Woof. Bad draw for the SOS.


Yuck! Cannot lose that opener.

Evidently the people in charge of the Legends Classic aren’t fans of storylines.