Michigan announces 2019-20 non-conference schedule


Pretty sure that Elon and App State were the only games that we didn’t already know. Overall, a loaded schedule.


118 days until official tip-off against Appalachian State! Go Blue! Cominayeahaaaaaaa!

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Do you know anything about the opponents in the “guarantee” games? Any projected to be decent this year?

App. State: Final NET - 215, return 5 of top 7 scorers, new HC.

Elon: Final NET - 278, lose top 3 scorers, no seniors on scholarship from what I’ve seen, new HC.

Houston Baptist: Final NET - 292, return 4 of top 6 scorers.

Presbyterian: Final NET - 180, lose top 3 scorers, new HC.

UMass Lowell: Final NET - 263, lose their 3rd, 4th, and 5th leading scorers.


3 other teams with new head coaches. Hammer App St to ease the memory of the dreaded football loss years ago. Also FWIW looks like the NCAA coming down on NC St in the recruitment of Dennis Smith Jr. Maybe we can nab a 2019 recruit from there. Worth looking at. Exp: 6’4" guard Jalen Lecque.

Only if you’re planning to outbid the Phoenix Suns. Not even big bad NC State could do that


Jalen Lecque is in the NBA :slight_smile:


I guess I missed that one. Maybe there are others then. :grinning: