Michigan announces 2018-19 basketball schedule

That illinois game seems out of place

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Should be fixed.

and Im assuming the Indiana game should be January 6?

Yep, also fixed. Sorry about that, excuse my rush trying to get it all entered into the site.

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I can see it now: Saturday March 9th, two top 10 teams. Conference title on the line in East Lansing. JB with a week to prepare. Inject it into my veins.


Seems favorable for a young team in conference. Two home games to start, first road trip is at Illinois. No four- or five-game “murderous” stretch that I can see. Seems like the difficulty (quality of opponent) increases as the season carries on, but U-M typically has grown exponentially along with the season as well.

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One note, the Binghamton game had originally been listed for Dec. 29th on Binghamton site, but it is actually the 30th per UM release and UM SID.

actually our second Big Ten game is at NW

Completely overlooked the first two. Thanks for the correction. New arena, yes, but NW thankfully isn’t playing at Assembly hall.

So there is a chance that Michigan plays S. Carolina twice in 21 days?

Yes, that is correct.

Is South Carolina projected to be any good?

UM’s early December Big Ten games are interesting: vs Purdue and @Northwestern. Those are both games that strike me as toss-ups/leaners with a fair amount of turnover for both of those squads too that could play big factors for all teams later on in terms of getting into the NCAAs/seeding/conference finish.

Also, still not used to Friday games.

Big Ten having Friday games this year?

yes they are

I really like finishing on the road B2B. This keeps the team super focused and prepped for the tournament run. It gives JB time to game plan for teams he’s already faced and exploit the weakness. He will out coach Tommy every time in the second game…home or away I like our chances. I think this could be a tougher ball team than last year! We have two kids that can get to the rack…Charles and Iggy! I will not be surprised if NUNIE gets 3 ball minutes by years end. He’s physical and plays in NY…i see NYC swag! Winner stays on! Go blue!

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It’s a bit complicated I think. They weren’t stellar last season, and won’t bring in Brian Bowen plus they lose their second leading scorer in Frank Booker. That said, Chris Silva is going to be a legit SEC PotY candidate and Justin Minaya is a good wing that’s a bit undersized but shot the ball alright as a freshman and is set to have a break-out year. The key, for me, would probably be point guard play with Hassani Gravett, he doesn’t shoot from deep well but was just around 45% from two. Gravett didn’t take a ton of shots and struggled with injuries last year, but I fancy Zavier’s chances in that match-up.

In conclusion, to answer your question if SC will be good, I guess I’d say kind of? I think a lot depends on how far Silva can take them and how much role players develop. I’ll be watching, or at least trying, to watch both of their pre-tournament home games. They share Norfolk State with Michigan on the schedule. People seem low on them in terms of hype but they’re well coached with a very, VERY good player on their roster.

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Updated with times and tv

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