META: Mobile App Store Redirects

Hey guys… I’m trying to squash these App Store redirects… If you get them at all can you mention them here and any URLs that you can catch in the browser. Thanks.

was getting them all the time earlier today.

Here’s the most recent link:

Thanks… I was getting them earlier today when I was testing, but I’ve been working with a couple of our ad networks this afternoon and think I might have that one blocked. Let me know if it comes up again thought.

Every couple of days, these apps redirect me like every time I click on a thread.

I’m getting immediate redirects every once in a while – I think mostly when I’m on the forums, but it may have happened occasionally on the site as well, I can’t quite remember.

The “” site is usually where it takes me, too.

Yeah it’s mostly on the forums for me.

Thanks guys… Really trying to fix these, but it’s a nightmare because ad networks use other ad networks and it’s nearly impossible to track down.

Ugh. You are getting them on the forums or the site?

Happened again this morning. Just FYI, not complaining per se.

I literally couldn’t use the main site but haven’t had any problems for a couple days now.

I literally couldn't use the main site but haven't had any problems for a couple days now.

Yeah the main site wasn’t working at all for me earlier today but that seems fixed.

just got this one a minute ago.

Just started getting these again when I’m using the iPhone, keeps opening up the App Store. Only on main site, forum is ok

I’m the opposite–the forum is kicking me to App Store.