Message board etiquette

I’m pretty annoyed that I have to do this again, but the way some of you guys behave on here makes me want to just pull the plug on this whole message board. Maybe that’s what you guys want… I don’t know.

There are things that we will agree or disagree on here. Whether it is about a recruit’s ability to do x and y, the importance of z or what should be done about this or that. That’s the whole point of this. Discuss is, critique each others points,etc. Realize that there isn’t a right or wrong answer to most of this stuff (we know that you’ll probably feel different after wins or losses based on your perspective).

Most importantly, there should also be some basic civility involved here and we should be able to agree or disagree without personal insults, profanity-laced tirades in personal messages, name calling and other sorts of personal attacks.

I’m not really sure why this is necessary to explain, but think about what you are going to post and think about if you would say it face to face to someone sitting across a table for you. Maybe use that as a starting point.


Makes you never want to have kids, eh Dylan?