McGary Rehab

Given the fact that he hasn’t started rehab yet, is there any point in hoping for a return to the lineup at any point this season? Does anyone know what type of back surgery it was (ie, minimally invasive, etc)?

Even if he came back, Morgan should start over him imo

Even if he came back, Morgan should start over him imo

Why? McGary was playing good before his surgery, and that was with an ailing back. Morgan is playing really good in McGary’s absence, but Beilein plays his best 5 guys and I think McGary is better than Morgan.

BlueBlood, I’m not convinced McGary is done for the season:

-Why not come out and say “Out for year” rather than “Out indefinitely”?
-Half of the back surgeries require “4-6 weeks recovery” and half of back surgeries require “3-4 months recovery”. McGary’s surgery was 9 weeks before the Big Ten Tournament.
-McGary’s surgery was on Tuesday the 6th. He was back in classes Thursday the 8th. Why risk rushing back to class if the plan is to go to the NBA in 6 months?

I don’t think McGary was playing as Morgan is now. Morgan is a perfect roll man and a great PnR defender. We also haven’t had many games of getting out rebounded with him in…

I like the story of Morgan getting to start his final year here. McGary has a unique and multi-dimensional skillset but at times, it seemed detrimental to our offensive development to incorporate him.

@hailtoyourvictor, those are good points but I’m just thinking about Jared Sullinger’s operation and recovery time, which was pretty long. Not knowing what kind of surgery McGary had makes it difficult to compare the two situations, which is why I’d like to find out what it was. The fact that they’re playing it close to the collar makes me suspicious. I would love to see a Willis Reed type of comeback right before the tourney, but that’s the dreamer in me more than it is the pragmatist.

@guestavo, I’ve got all the love in the world for Jordan Morgan stepping up the way he has, and if McGary were to come back, Jordan would definitely garner plenty of minutes, especially against teams with inside presence like MSU. Make no mistake though, McGary was a preseason all-American for a reason…Coach Beilein has to be dying to get him back in there. I’m sure Jordan would understand.

9.5 points
8.3 rebounds
1.5 assists
0.8 blocks
1.9 steals

in just 22mpg while playing injured… McGary was playing good. McGary is better than Morgan and that’s what it comes down to. Morgan’s story is good, sure, but that doesn’t make me feel better when Michigan faces Joel Embiid in the NCAAT. I’d rather McGary be in there.

McGary freezes the offense and would ruin the rhythm we have with our second ranked adjusted offensive efficiency team. We also got routinely out-rebounded with him in there.

Well, I disagree. I take a healthy McGary over Jordan Morgan. It would be a good problem to have, though.

Well, I disagree. I take a healthy McGary over Jordan Morgan. It would be a good problem to have, though.

Healthy McGary? Sure.

McGary coming back from a back injury with no kind of connection with Nik/Caris running PnR or any of the other little nuances that have developed while Mitch has been out? No.

Why would a non-healthy McGary come back? I thought we were discussing a healthy McGary. No one is implying that Beilein would send McGary into the locker room and tell him to change out of his suit and tie and get 30 minutes of run.

Non-healthy as in not conditioned. if you’ve ever been an athlete, you know it takes time to get in-game shape. McGary getting in shape AS A STARTER during the BTT and NCAA tournament sounds odd to me…

Not cuing back this year. Lets just hope he does next year.