Max Bielfeldt to Indiana

Per his twitter, Max has decided to play his 5th year at Indiana.

He will be making a trip back to Ann Arbor in our one matchup with them.

Best of Luck to him.

Seems like a nice choice for Max and a good pickup for Indiana.

I would have liked to see him at Nebraska, but I wish him the best. I hope he comes back to AA with a huge round of applause for all the years he gave to this program.

It’s too bad that he didn’t get to play for Hoiberg, who ran a classy program (the exact opposite of Crean) and would have been a great fit. Half the posters over on Inside the Hall have been trashing him, with faint praise or otherwise, presumably because he isn’t Thon Maker, but an experienced, tough and skilled Big Ten veteran. I hope he has an excellent final season, proves the IU doubters wrong … and loses big time in Ann Arbor.

Hoiberg is off to the nba anyways to coach the Bulls. Glad to see Max staying in the big ten, and will definitely enjoy seeing him play here in Bloomington

Good dude. Hope things go well for him.