Matchup Breakdown: Michigan vs. Montana

I think Teske should definitely guard Pridgett, he’s the main screener in their offense and the least likely to be sitting on the three point line. He’s not Lamar Stevens good, Teske should dominate him IMO.

Yeah that is certainly possible. Not sure it would be Pridgett scoring in the post that gives Michigan problems as much as so much movement etc.

I think it should be Iggy guarding him. I think he has the strength and foot speed to keep up. Moorehead’s usage is low and he’s barely 30% from three while also being a solid rebounder and their biggest player on the court. That’s a great match-up to use Teske on to neutralize him.

Damn, nice work.


That’s a lot of guys that shoot better than 40% from three. Hopefully we can successfully run them off the line all night.

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This is what we get here! And, yes, we know we’re spoiled! :grinning: I hope both teams play well, and may the best team win!

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