NCAA 2019: Michigan vs. Montana Preview


Thanks Dylan for your outstanding coverage all week long. It’s really impressive that you can produce so much content and make yourself an expert on both Montana’s personnel and play style primarily by looking at analytics. I could never understand what any of these statistics about some obscure team like Montana even mean, but somehow you not only can understand it yourself, but you can make me understand it too. I’m curious to know how long you think it took you to become this fluent in analytics overall, and how you weed out which metrics are useful to you and for what purpose. Thanks


I absolutely agree. I don’t know much about anyone else who provides statistical analyses and video breakdown like you do, Dylan, but there can’t be anyone, anywhere who does it better than you do. I think all of us would say, “You are the best in the business.”

The nice comment by the Montana fan earlier this week illustrates how spoiled we are in having you and this outstanding site to learn as much as we can about Michigan basketball! I doubt that any other fan base gets this kind of content in the depth that you are able to provide it to us here! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hahah, thanks guys. How is everyone feeling about tonight’s game?

It is all about Michigan. Where are their heads? Are they focused on the tournament? If they are ready from the tip, I think they blow out Montana.
Play like Champions!

Michigan’s response in the first two games in Chicago (two of its best performances in a long time) after the disappointing loss in East Lansing makes me worry a little less about where Michigan’s heads are at.


Transition offense seems like it might open up a little bit in this game. Hopefully.

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I think we destroy them… I’m really not worried at all.

Could you point me to the Montana fan’s comment? I’m curious to see it

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By far the most informative fan site I’ve ever come across. Awesome work. :clap:

Today should be fun. Nothing but respect for the Michigan program and Beilein.



I feel the team is trending in the right direction. IF the Wolverines shoot the lights out like the Texas A&M game last year, I think the narrative in the media and fan base would begin to shift from discussion of scoring droughts to a late season surge.

We will also begin hearing more talk of how hard it is to prep for a Beilein team in a one day turnaround, etc.

Thanks! Good to see that we’re not the only ones who appreciate all of Dylan and his team’s efforts.

I feel like Montana will be a tough test. I’m impressed with their quickness and experience. We don’t have Simmons to bail ya out this year.
I’m undecided whether Teske will have a huge game or play limited minutes due to matchup