Marquette Howard on fs1 right now

Howard up one at under 16 timeout. Purdue also within four of Villanova with about three minutes left.

For some reason Howard is trying to turn this into a track meet early. Marquette has been very sloppy and struggling against the zone.

Only saw the last ten minutes but Purdue looked great. Swanigan haas high low is just unstoppable.

Back to Marquette. They are pretty aggressive on d but don’t extend that far. Seems like they have very good length on the perimeter but not much size inside. Howard is dominating on the offensive glass but they can’t finish any plays. Could be a big game for dj Wilson.

Offensively havnt seen much since Marquette has been running before the zone gets set. When they do get in the half court, fisher inside seems pretty solid. Cheatham is a smooth wing guy and Howard the point guard looks talented. They have a couple other athletic guys but no one has stood out much early. Marquette has also been very sloppy with the basketball which could be good for a more turnover forcing Michigan d.

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I feel a lot better about playing Marquette this weekend watching this game.

Marquette dominating the second half. Seems like they have stepped up the perimeter pressure quite a bit. They’ve also made their threes. Ofcourse if Howard could make any of the dozens of putback opportunities they’ve had, this would be a tighter game.

This Reinhardt guy is going to be an interesting matchup for Michigan. Physical four man who can really shoot it and moves well without the ball. It’s been kinda hard to tell who the top guys are for Marquette as they sub a lot and play a lot of people.