Mark Donnal's offense

He’s been playing better of late. He still blows a easy basket or two each gave but it is what it is, I’d really like to see us hit him more on the pop. I’ve been preaching this for weeks. He only had 15 3 point attempts all year. Why? He might be the best face up shooter of all the bigs. He either makes it or it barely rims out every time.

I think he could literally shoot fifty plus from three on those open three pops. Derrick and others don’t often hit him or hit him soon enough on that pop. Pass him the ball! He’s almost always going to make that shot. He should hit two of those threes every game.

I wish he’d be more aggressive and confident on offense because between him and x coming on we have 8 guys who can really hurt you, it brings our offense from good to elite and possibly beleins best. There is no reason he can’t give us 20 minutes with 8-10 points every game off the bench in this offense.

Let’s hope he and the team realizes it. He could be key in a big run. Also once he starts to score, he really turns up the energy on the boards and on d. Always seems to block a shot or two or get a tough rebound there after

I think 20 minutes and 8-10 might be a bit overly optimistic…but moreso on the 20 minutes part. I’m not sure he can do the other things as well as Wilson or Wagner for an extended period of time. He played well last night, but even early on he got beat for a layup and turned the ball over.

That said, I definitely agree that there’s no reason he can’t be a factor-- If he can make that shot at a 50% clip, that gives us a rotation where virtually no one can be left wide open, which will be dangerous.

He can’t do the other things as well but he can shoot really well. If he just plays hard and looks to shoot he will be valuable.

He has to bring the energy and enthusiasm every night to be effective for us. I think 12-15 minutes would be ideal.

Shoot an open three is just about Donnal’s limit. I’ve never seen a big fumble away so many good passes at the rim or get his shot blocked as much as him. And he get pushed out of the way so easily under the boards for rebounds.

I agree. But it’s extra frustrating when you see him snare that tough pass from X and then make a nice post move; and he had another emphatic box out, last night, too. Some consistent effort and energy would go such a long way for him, even with his physical limitations

Definitely. Honestly if he can give around 10 minutes of solid, mistake-free, and efficient play, it changes so much for the outlook of the game. Same with Simpson–doesn’t need to play 20 and score, but do some little things well and give the starters that extra minute or two of rest.

agree, there was one play last night where either Walton or simpson gave him a nasty pass and he missed a bunny lap up, wish he would of just slammed it on the defenders face. if can give them 10 good minutes that would help out a lot…

You must not remember Doyle :upside_down:


I like the kid and have in the past have asked for more minutes, that said at this point would prefer 8 to 10 minutes. I would actually prefer we went smaller now and then moving DJ to the 5, Duncan to the 4 and possibly MAAR, Walton and X.

At least this line up could defend, shoot and penetrate.

We saw him display pretty good hands last year on a number of pnr’s. Maybe just mental.

I still think he’s a different kid when he hits a 3. I’d run some action for him first time he is in and if he misses I’d call it again after a couple of other trips down.

Out of sight out of mind and trying to keep it that way.

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How quickly we forget about Ricky Doyle. He was just here last year.

I disagree slightly. With Donal it’s all confidence and energy. He’s an elite face up shooter as far as big men go. He’s shown he can make nice pivot moves at times too. He just did it last night. He also has that jump stop move which he broke out yesterday,

Now sometimes he’ll make that move and miss the lay in but it’s a nice move. He needs to play 15-20 a game because we have to protect moe from foul trouble. I just think he can provide offense. Once he does he plays harder d and rebounds better too. We need all guys contributing as much as their capable of to make this run

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I cant stand watching him. He can hit a shot every now and then but is just a soft kid overall. Find a weight room, its been 4 years. Such a snotty post, but I mean it.

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he looks like someone rAn over his dog all the time. That said that shot is dangerous. He’s often open and guys don’t hit him on the pop fast enough if ever. He can nail that shot. I just want us to hit the open guy every time and make the right pass because they’re so skilled that we can just torch teams. This teams offense can be so dominant if they just play smart and hit the right guy. So much balance.

We have so many ways to burn a d id like for us to explore them all and take what the d gives us.

I hate to say it but he is the epitome of soft.

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But at times he comes through. He was huge on the boards and d a few games ago. I remember he single handidly turned things around with his effort. Didn’t even score. I can’t remember which game now it’s killing me but the game changed as soon as he came in

As soon as Donnal touches the floor he is attacked by the other team. If he can’t slide in for a offensive foul it’s almost an automatic two points. He can occasionally get the help side block.

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It seems earlier in the season Beilein really wanted to get Teske minutes but he couldn’t earn more and looked just awful against Purdue. Michigan is going to need Donnal in spots and they are going to need him playing with confidence. I don’t worry about his offense though, I worry about his defense.

Agreed , but I still think he is his own worst enemy. He has his limitations but he should be much better.