Maishe Dailey - 2016/2017 Wing

Thinking that things might be a bit easier to read if we have topics for individual recruits.

Maishe Dailey is on the fence between 2016/2017 and will take another unofficial to Michigan this winter. Sounds like he’s waiting until the end of the year to pick btw. '16/'17 at this point.

“The main reason I’d do it is to develop my body and my game more,” Dailey told NY2LA Sports. “I would like to be more prepared my 2016 year. If I stay in the 2016 class, it would have to be a school I’m really comfortable with.”

“There’s a couple schools showing interest,” he said. “I’m hearing a little bit from Rutgers. They need a guard since Kew Park de-committed. Wisconsin has been talking to my coach here and there since they need a guard for 2016.”

Dailey is picking up interest from Michigan, Dayton, Xavier, and Clemson for the 2017 class. He’s looking to unofficially visit Michigan on Nov. 20 and Dayton on Dec. 19. The 6-foot-6, 185-pound guard plans to make a decision on his future in the spring. “I think I’ll play out the season before I know if I’ll reclassify,” he said.

Is it safe to say Dailey is our top wing target in 17? Seems to be the one getting the most mention as of late. Things have been really quiet even for Michigan on the recruiting front lately.

Is Kris Wilkes still a legitimate target for us or has that ship sailed? Surprised he doesn’t have an offer yet.

The coaches seem to be taking a wait-and-see approach to Dailey. They obviously like him, but they took Watson first in '16 and haven’t offered Dailey in '17. My guess is the coaches are waiting to watch Dailey a bit more and see some other guys and how some other recruitments go at this point.

umhoops, is Dailey going to be a spring signing? That is the time of year where potential attrition and roster spots will be open.

He’s planning to decide if he will stay in 2016 and sign somewhere this spring, or reclassify to 2017 and prep for a year.

Weird. Jordan must be an all time great recruiter.